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  1. Matchstick

    Critical Role Critical Role’s 7-hour Campaign Finale

    Or possibly Lieve'tel from Search for Grog. Though I can't remember if she was evil or not.
  2. Matchstick

    Critical Role Critical Role’s 7-hour Campaign Finale

    I usually recommend people start C1 at episode 28. Sure they miss a little bit, but those first 27 episodes aren't going anywhere, and it's not like the plot can't be figured out. Plus things by that time have settled down tech-wise, and of course that's the first episode with the smaller...
  3. Matchstick

    Critical Role Critical Role’s 7-hour Campaign Finale

    I'm not sure why they didn't just split it up. It's recorded after all. The time investment on their part has already happened, all they need is someone to hit the play button.
  4. Matchstick

    D&D General Would you fequent a gamer's hangout/bar?

    Last time I was there my local gaming store had worked out a deal with the restaurant next door so that gamers could submit an order to the restaurant and the food would be run over. They shared a wall and literally ran a wire through the wall from the restaurant and hooked up an ordering...
  5. Matchstick

    Thinking of Joining Roll20? Lock In Your Sub Now!

    Whether FG or Foundry, or bare bones Owlbear.Rodeo for that matter, any VTT that you don't subscribe to will inevitably be a better deal than paying for a subscription. I've used both FG and Foundry and had lots of success in both cases. I've never paid for hosting with Foundry; there's no...
  6. Matchstick

    Coyote & Crow the Role Playing Game: An Interview With Connor Alexander

    At least some of the answers are in the latest Update. The nations in the game are fictional. At some point it was mentioned, as you indicate, that it would be impossible to include all Native tribes past and present. They are also going to do expansions, and I believe that's where other...
  7. Matchstick

    Coyote & Crow the Role Playing Game: An Interview With Connor Alexander

    I feel like they're doing a lot right with this Kickstarter. I really like the option to donate a hard copy.
  8. Matchstick

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Coyote & Crow, Victorian Mage, DIESEL, and more

    American Kickstarter backers can get physical copies whether they're on Native American land or not. After the campaign the physical books will be in stores (they have a store backer level). I'm not sure, but I think they also have said they have an international distributer, which means the...
  9. Matchstick

    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    That's an angle I hadn't thought about.
  10. Matchstick

    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    I purchased both Foundry and its Savage Worlds module and they're good, no question. They're just not nearly as good as SW on FG.
  11. Matchstick

    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    Fantasy Grounds is REALLY good for Savage Worlds. It might be that a higher percentage of SW online play happens on FG than with other systems.
  12. Matchstick

    Satanic Panic of the late 80's

    Just over the river in Hudson my friend group also played without any interference from parents or church. My parents did, I think, take a few minutes to investigate what D&D was, but even that little bit of investigation planted them solidly on the side of the game, and my Mom bought me the...
  13. Matchstick

    D&D General The Young Adventurers Guides Kick In The Door To Dungeons & Dragons For Kids (And Adults)

    I got the ones that were available last Christmas for my nephew and he (and I for that matter) really liked them. The monster one was a favorite; we played with it existing in-game as an inherited guide from a relative that his character carried around in his pack and consulted.
  14. Matchstick

    An Official Hellboy RPG Is Coming!

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324717/Hellboy-The-Roleplaying-Game-Quickstart Here's a quickstart.
  15. Matchstick

    Help me choose a VTT

    It's worth noting that Fantasy Grounds Unity is still in beta; expectations should be adjusted appropriately. Classic will most likely not be deprecated soon; they're saying that they will keep Classic "updated and running as long as demand remains high". Considering the status of Unity (which...
  16. Matchstick

    NZ Virtual Tour.

    Loving this. Getting worn down by negativity and this is a thread that inspires me to dream a bit. Thanks!
  17. Matchstick

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    https://www.gencon.com/events/187435 They're doing a panel at GenCon, maybe that might help to watch before buying. The Discord is also a good place, in my limited experience. I haven't heard or seen anything bad about culture etc.
  18. Matchstick

    D&D General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    Can't have Star Wars without hands flying off! :) Savage Worlds could make it happen. Fourth Wound is Incapacitation and a failure on the Incapacitation table (and the right roll) loses you an arm (or, for this example, a hand).
  19. Matchstick

    Kids on Brooms: Wizarding School Powered by Kids on Bikes

    This just sounds so cool!
  20. Matchstick

    D&D 5E DnDBeyond non WotC content video game tie in?

    The Legends of Runeterra digital card game is excellent IMO and free. Never played LOL, but I really like the card game.