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  1. Dave G

    RPG Apps for Blackberry

    Seems like I remember there were some apps available for gamers, but searching the web has failed me. Any advice where to look?
  2. Dave G

    Solo Gaming

    *sigh* My group's falling apart before we can even get off the ground. Due to schedule complications and people's unwillingness to commit to meeting every other week, I finally just told everyone "I'm going to be in the basement every other Sunday and whoever's there can play." Unfortunately...
  3. Dave G

    My new campaign World: Anexxia

    This is an idea I've been kicking around for a very long time, when I was asked to take over DMing for a group which was falling apart, I decided it was past time to blow the dust off and bring this place to life. Here's the campaign guide I gave to the players. I'd love to hear your thoughts...
  4. Dave G

    Brainstorming: Fantasy: Changing Magic

    I'm working on a fantasy world that's been percolating in my brain for some time... and after a long-time game group I recently joined tried it's best to self-destruct today, it looks like the game rising from the ashes will be mine to run. Since I sort of vowed to myself that the next game I...
  5. Dave G

    Online resources for City Adventures?

    I'm going to be running a city adventure, and I could use a heapin' dose of Quirky NPC descriptions, interesting locations and subtle plot-hooks to weave amongst them. I've been googling around and found a few things, but I thought I'd ask "the experts" ...when the experts got a restraining...
  6. Dave G

    I need help for my Old Republic Game - FAST!!

    I posted this on another board, and I'm still stumped, and I've got a session to run tonight!!! My Star Wars Old Republic campaign had another session last night. As it came to a close, I asked the crew what they'd like to see happen in the future. Someone said "I like these...
  7. Dave G

    Purpose of rearing a wild animal?

    My ranger's working with his animal companion, and I was looking at the Handle Animal rules for what I could teach it to do. One of the things listed is "Rear a Wild Animal" but it doesn't give any kind of benefit for that. So is it pointless? Does it matter? Just curious. Thanks! :)
  8. Dave G

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Animal Companions: Animals or Magical Beasts?

    What happens if you're high enough level to have an advanced animal companion, and you have to release them. When you summon one again, does it get immediately buffed due to your level?
  9. Dave G

    scaling an Animal backwards (?)

    Howdy, I'm getting an animal companion, and I have to drop the written entry down in hit die for my character, so I guess it makes it a juvenile version. Can anyone tell me what changes with the addition of a hit die to an animal so I can extrapolate what changes with a subtraction? I guess I...
  10. Dave G

    Help! I need an Animal Companion

    I'm playing Jaden, a 5th level Aquatic Elf Ranger, and we've been spending a decent amount of time underwater. Now we might be going back and forth between land and water and I want to summon an animal companion. Trouble is, I need one suited for time under and above water. I don't have my...
  11. Dave G

    Ranger Playahs: How do you choose favored enemies?

    I recently had to bring a 4th level Ranger into a campaign where my paladin died. We just leveled up and I'm faced with the task of choosing a 2nd favored enemy. I'm playing an aquatic elf with his first favored enemy set as Sahuagin, since they're a critical part of this campaign. Now I...
  12. Dave G

    Armor Check Penalties (help!)

    Couple of questions. Should I assume the armor check penalties for a magic shield to be adjusted by a -1 from the listed penalty due to the fact that masterwork sheilds have that property and all magic items are masterwork? Is the penalty to be assumed when the shield is not 'readied' but just...
  13. Dave G

    Good weapons for Aquatic Elf Ranger?

    Until 3.5 comes out, I'm stuck playing the 3.0 Ranger, and my new character's an aquatic elf Ranger. Since I get the TWF and Ambi feats virtually, I'm trying to find a good combination of weapons to use for double wielding. To me, the trident smacks me as a good choice of weapon, but I'm not...
  14. Dave G

    Wanted: Non planetouched/genasi ECL 1

    My character died last night, and I have to create a new one, the rest of the party's playing Aasimar, and my last character was an Air Genasi. I want something different. I was first looking for a Template that gave a +1 but didn't find anything. I was going to play an aquatic elf with...
  15. Dave G

    Skills house rules? What's in YOUR game?

    We finally made a house rule that makes sense motive a class skill for Paladins. It got me wondering what skill changes you've all made? Are there any different treatments of class/cross-class? Any changes to a class' skill list? Thoughts? Ideas? Diaper Rash? ;)
  16. Dave G

    Paladin skill list

    Anybody have a houserule for the Paladin's skill list? I hope they fix this in 3.5, but to not have sense motive? What have you done to fix yours?
  17. Dave G

    Does anybody play in PBeM games?

    I've been trying to decide if I want to take on a PBeM game. Most of my experiences with them result in a dis-satisfying end to either the game or my involvement with it. Have people played in successful ones? Anybody starting one soon? Are they worth investing the time and effort to play...
  18. Dave G

    Female with warhammer Mini?

    I just strolled through Reaper's site looking to see if I could find a mini for a character of mine. She's an Air Genasi, Paladin, she can be found with a warhammer and large shield, or a warhammer / light hammer dual wield, and she wears chainmail. It doesn't need to be an exact match but I...
  19. Dave G

    Lawrence, KS Gamer looking for a game...

    Hi! Due to some recent shufflings in my gaming groups, I have gone from gaming 2 nights a week to gaming one night every two weeks. I'm a 32 year-old male gamer with experience in many different types and genres of games. I love to play D&D, but am also willing to try a different game as...
  20. Dave G

    Anyone compiled a list of ECL 1 races?

    A friend of mine is trying to find an ECL 1 race to use in an upcoming game. Since he doesn't come here, I thought I'd do some legwork for him. Any help is appreciated! :)