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  1. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curse of Strahd - It's a Meat Grinder for my group

    Curse of Strahd has been a meat grinder on characters so far through 8 sessions of play. 6 Players (2 added later). (4 - 8 sessions, 1 - 2 Sessions(6&8), 1 - 1 Session(8)) None of the Original 4 PC's are left. Six PC's dead. 1 PC/NPC she was being used by the PC's as a supplemental. 1 NPC...
  2. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curse of Strahd - PC gone darkside

    So DMing our usual Wednesday night game for one of the few times ever a PC has gone over to the evil side of things and didn't start that way. Character background: PC is a Elven Sorcerer and Daughter of Arms Major of Myth Drannor (Father was a PC in a past game, so was the Aunt) so had a great...
  3. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curing Lycanthropy

    So running 'Curse of Strahd' a random encounter had two of the PC's bitten by werewolves. They don't have access to 'Remove Curse' as of yet. After much researching around the interwebs for 5E Lycanthropy (surprisingly little other than OP boards saying get bit by a Werebear), I came up with...
  4. TheYeti1775

    Apps for the IPad - Recommendations?

    So Santa(aka me) brought an IPad Air 2 64gb this year. Need some RPG related apps. I play D&D 1E/2E/3.5E/Pathfinder and Star Wars Saga Edition. I'm willing to pick up some 4E things but not really in it, just wouldn't mind incase I go to a one shot game. Also interested in any that are being...
  5. TheYeti1775

    Virginia - Winchester, Va - D&D 3.5E Group seeks more players

    We are currently seeking more players for our Friday night game. We play 7-10pm on Friday nights weekly. Current game is D&D 3.5E. We've also play Star Wars Saga Edition as well. For those in the area, gaming location is my house just down the road from Greenwood Fire Station. Email me at...
  6. TheYeti1775

    Less is More? Less books per setting equal more enjoyment?

    Forked from the 3 and out statement being bantered about on another thread. Does having less books per setting make for a more enjoyable setting? I know I've throughly enjoyed a few quite a few settings that were only one or two books for the whole thing as well as some that had numerous...
  7. TheYeti1775

    Kindle - Amazon Remote Deletion of E-Books

    Interesting article of Amazon remote deleting purchased E-Books. Without going into pirates good/bad debate, lets discuss is it right that Amazon could do this? What's to stop WOTC from taking the same stance if they are to sell E-Books again? How Amazon's remote deletion of e-books from...
  8. TheYeti1775

    Alternate Epic Rules - Any published (even non-WOTC)?

    Has any other company published any Epic Level rules, and if so do you have a link for them? Thanks.
  9. TheYeti1775

    Egads - Your killing me Pazio :-)

    I sit in my cube, pull my new mag out of my briefcase for some lunchtime reading. Open the plastic, and what falls out a subscription card for Dragon. Please tell me that was just some crazy mix up. Anyways got a good laugh about it. :lol:
  10. TheYeti1775

    Possible New Act on Copyright Infringement in works...

    So what do you all think of this one? Life In Prison For Attempted Copyright Infringement? Bush Pushes For A New Act..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 15, 2007 2:00 AM PDT Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement...
  11. TheYeti1775

    RPG - Serenity - Any takes/reviews of it

    Anyone here play with the Serenity RPG? Saw it at the FLGS on Saturday, and almost picked it up. But budget dictated only minis for that trip. Thanks in advance. Yeti
  12. TheYeti1775

    VA - Burke/W.Springfield - Need Players

    Our group seeks 2 - 3 more additonal players as, we have one moving and another pursuing a few other hobbies. Game location: Burke (near the VRE station on Burke Road Zip: 22015) We are playing our game night on Mondays. Generally we go 7 - 11pm for most sessions. We are mainly seeking...
  13. TheYeti1775

    [PCGen] Output Sheets - Anyone have some class specific ones?

    I hope Output sheets aren't part of 'closed content', but does anyone have any output sheets for individual classes? Mainly one for like Barbarians, something that will show the actual changes during rages. Row 1 shows HP/AC/Albilities/Attacks all when normal Row 2 shows them all while they are...
  14. TheYeti1775

    KingPaul - PCGen Dataset question

    KingPaul, Quick question on dataset compatiblity between versions. Would a 5.8 dataset work with the latest 5.10 series? Thanks, Yeti
  15. TheYeti1775

    Remember the old FR Interactive Atlas

    Remember the old FR Interactive Atlas? Is there any new versions out there that can do the same stuff for multiple worlds? Mainly a curiousity question, seeing if anyone has anything like it.
  16. TheYeti1775

    Design Rule Question - Bonus Spells

    Why did they not set Bonus Spells for 0 Level spells? Seems kinda hokey That with a 28 Int a 12th level mage can cast 7 1st level spells and only 4 0 levels. Anyone have any insight to this? Yeti
  17. TheYeti1775

    Scarred Lands

    I had picked up the Relics & Rituals for Scarred Lands at a used bookstore, the brief stuff in it about the world as a whole intrigued me. Anyone have a handy list of all the Scarred Lands books or a web link for it? Mainly looking for an order of preference for buying material on it...
  18. TheYeti1775

    Spell Casting times & Weapon Speeds addition to Initiatives

    All the old pre v3.x players I'm sure remember how casting times effected your initiatives. Mainly the question is would you all like to see the Casting Time come back to your spells. This effected everything from Initiative to when you were committed to casting the spell. As well as the old...
  19. TheYeti1775

    Questions - Attacking while 'Blind'

    (i.e. Attacker blindfolds self for fighting creature with gaze attack) Questions 1. The Defender gets total Concealment 50/50 right? 2. The Attacker loses Dex Bonus and an additional -2 to AC. 2.a. Are attacks on the Attacker considered Sneak Attacks for the Rogues? 3. The Attacker gets -2...
  20. TheYeti1775

    Diaglo - to bring a tear to your eye

    I found a copy of near mint condition S1 Tomb of Horrors (the illustration portion was still stapled in) along with X1 & X2 for $7.50 each at a used book store up here. You know all I need now is a hard copy of the 1e PHB & DMG and just have a flashback night. I have PDF's of them, but it's...