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  1. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E What rule(s) do you tend to ignore?

    Inspiration. I don't like handing out candy for roleplaying. Before you know the results powers. It's a hassle to pause every d20 roll by the DM to see if the PC with cutting words, etc., wants to do something. We remember sometimes, most we don't. Exact distance in a day. If 3 hexes through...
  2. toucanbuzz

    D&D General What do you expect in a starter village?

    The Gold Standard: Hommlet. It wasn't just that you had a tavern and a mill. It's that every place you step into, every NPC you encounter, might have a story attached, or a secret, or something unique about them. And, there is a mystery waiting, a place to explore. Perhaps in your starting town...
  3. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E And the award for "Best Improvised Weapon" goes to....

    Femur bone from the lich's own throne. Prior edition (Pathfinder/3.5), so the setup isn't current, but it was an epic 40 round combat involving multiple rooms, ups and downs, and then the finale. Atrophied lich (basically one that has lost a lot of its spellcasting over the years) had...
  4. toucanbuzz

    Stout and Hairy?

    Total coincidence. Had a party death this last session, player didn't want his character brought back (it's a cultural preference), and he wants to play a halfling. So this thread has become particularly meaningful. We're going old-school hairfoot style.
  5. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E What is Barovia like in the winter?

    Totally with @Charlaquin on this one. Barovia isn't a real place; it's a shadow realm created by the Dark Powers for its playthings. Most denizens in Barovia are shadows of people, without souls, and likely Strahd knows this and can be so callous and harsh to them because he knows the nature of...
  6. toucanbuzz

    Stout and Hairy?

    Who wouldn't want to play this guy... I've spent little time describing them in our campaigns. No one plays them except the Dark Sun cannibal ones, and although they get some mention in my current campaign as popular slaver targets, I haven't been pressed for interaction. I like, however...
  7. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Is it better to prevent or inflict damage? (psi warrior, battle master, others)

    Damage is irrelevant when craftsmen in your fledgling barony complain your tax collector charged them double, and your investigation yields that he skimmed a few coins in the past, gave breaks to a few poor folk who had a bad harvest before winter, and made up the difference with what he...
  8. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Introducing the greenest of players to D&D

    KISS ("Keep it Simple ....") They're curious, so treat this like you're at a convention and someone new to D&D signed up for your table. Pre-fab characters with a simple story to link them to a simple plot, all doable in a 4 hour setting. Personally, I really liked the premise of this beginner...
  9. toucanbuzz

    D&D General Brain Storming a Campaign idea

    1. An AD&D Dragonlance mini-adventure had a realm in which time looped every day for a city that an archmage sought to save, but instead condemned to eternal "Groundhog's Day, " albeit a perfect day. If players stayed too long, they'd become part of the loop. The archmage was the only one...
  10. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Describe your mode of D&D

    I keep it real. 1. Interesting story with a fixed framework. The DM and players coordinate around being a part of a campaign theme. Current campaign is: "you are empowered to raise a barony." Perhaps you raise a kingdom, or mageocracy, perhaps you rise up against your benefactors, or recruit...
  11. toucanbuzz

    Using Wands/Staves and Misty Step

    No. Wands explicitly state one "casts" the associated spell. This choice of language is purposeful. The DMG page 141 answers your question. Under Spells: Some magic items allow the user to cast a spell from the item. The section goes on to detail that magic items like Wands change the rules for...
  12. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Accidental Undead

    Compendium #2 was NPC monsters, several undead with unique stories of how they came to be. If you're looking for some great material, worth getting your hands on. This Ravenloft wiki summarizes those characters.
  13. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E 5e has everything it needs for Dark Sun

    Mechanically, mostly. In my pre-TCE 5E conversion most pieces fit without much adjustment. Added rules for defiling, non-metal weapons, survival fixes, monster conversions, a 3rd party psionic book based off 3rd edition, tweaks to classes (like the Cleric) to make them fit, new races rules, and...
  14. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Out of the Abyss but using companions and fear and stress rules.

    If your players are cool enough to run the NPC and play along with their secret, an interesting way to do it!
  15. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Monster's body as a dungeon

    My monster happens to be alive, so I'm hoping they won't decide to crawl up its nether regions for fun. Since it's a slow behemoth, they'll have a few days to figure something out, but direct combat shouldn't be a viable solution.
  16. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E It's Official! Most of my encounters are "Deadly"

    At the end of our weekly game today, 4 of my PCs at 4th level, with full resources, took down a CR9 solo monster (I run a sandbox, so it's possible to stumble into monsters you're not ready for, that's a 5000xp budget creature). They did so even with their wizard, a primary source of damage...
  17. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Monster's body as a dungeon

    I can envision the look on my players' faces... "The only way you can save your barony is to crawl up the rectum of Talonquake and..." (Followed by the sound of 5 chairs moving away from the table, the patter of feet in full run, and the slam of the front door.)
  18. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Updating Dark Sun to 5th Ed

    I pray not. Dark Sun is..dark. It is gritty. It isn't politically correct or light hearted or fair. The lines between good and evil are blurred. Genocide occurred. Many mysteries (e.g. what happened to dwarves and elves) are left unexplained, leaving the world enigmatic. Survival is often its...
  19. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd question for DMs (spoiler warning)

    Ugh, why would the DM do that, even on Rolld20! No wonder he wants the summons dead instantly. Didn't mean to insinuate you were! Noting that the DM may have some personal beef with summons. Personally, I don't mind summons in our tabletop games so long as the player helps speed up play, such...
  20. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Monster's body as a dungeon

    Looking for some ideas for a monster's body as a dungeon/puzzle. Setup: PCs are running a fledgling barony and on their border is a troll with ambitions to run his own monster kingdom (Kingmaker adaptation). When he dies, a fey pact kicks in and an ancient colossal being known only as...