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  1. Dannager

    D&D 5E D&D Lead Editor Job Posting Mentions "TRPG digital tools licensee"

    I thought this was interesting. A recent (5/28) job posting on the WotC jobs site mentions, among its major accountabilities, the following: "The Lead Editor manages the relationship with the TRPG digital tools licensee, providing new TRPG content for the tools, and approving new tools...
  2. Dannager

    Kickstarter Questions on Kickstarter and the Tabletop Community

    I'm in the process of getting familiar with the Kickstarter model for getting tabletop gaming products to their funding goals. I know that there have been a handful truly incredible runaway successes - not the least of which is the ongoing EN World Kickstarter Morrus has going - and a lot of...
  3. Dannager

    Baldur's Gate - Something Is Coming

    News is circulating today about the revival of the Baldur's Gate official website. The teaser is reportedly unrelated to the upcoming Steam release of the Baldur's Gate series, so whatever it is will be an exciting reveal. The Kotaku article discusses the possibility of an iOS port of the...
  4. Dannager

    Neverwinter E3 Teaser Trailer

    Now that we're in the thick of E3, the first real Neverwinter trailer has been released. YouTube - ‪Neverwinter Teaser Trailer for E3 2011‬‏ It actually looks good. Graphically, it looks somewhere between modern day single-player RPGs (Dragon Age, FO:NV) and modern day MMOs. The city even...
  5. Dannager

    Heroes of Neverwinter Game Coming to Facebook

    I came across this news from The Labyrinth, and reported in much more detail at Inside Social Games. Atari is developing a Dungeons & Dragons Facebook social game for release this summer titled Heroes of Neverwinter. NOTE: This is a separate game from Atari's upcoming Neverwinter title, which is...
  6. Dannager

    Legacy of Fire: Howl of the Carrion King in 4e

    Just finished running Howl of the Carrion King last week. My full conversion of the adventure is posted and available to the public on The First Vault Project's website.
  7. Dannager

    Atari Trying to Sell Cryptic Studios

    News broke today that Atari is trying to sell off Cryptic Studios, developer of the upcoming Neverwinter title. It remains to be seen whether or not this will affect the game's development. Cryptic's recent track record has not been stellar.
  8. Dannager

    Legends and Lore / Rule-of-Three Puzzle

    Yesterday I noticed that in the most recent Rule-of-Three article, there was a little picture in the bottom right, at the very end of the article, that appeared to be a fragment of something larger: It would be easy to assume that this was a formatting error on WotC's part, so at the time I...
  9. Dannager

    Pathfinder 1E Louis Porter Jr. Design Has a New Pathfinder Shirt Idea

    You can read his blog post on the topic. This is, in my opinion, an unacceptable message to hear with anything resembling a straight face from an RPG publisher. If WotC had even joked about putting out "I'M KILLING PATHFINDER RPG By playing Dungeons & Dragons 4e" on a t-shirt, they would be...
  10. Dannager

    What Do You Want In A Converted Adventure?

    Imagine that you're considering running an adventure made for a system or edition that you don't play. If someone were to do the work of converting that adventure for you, what would you like to have provided? I do a lot of conversion work, and I'm trying to decide what the best format to...
  11. Dannager

    ICv2 Top 5 Roleplaying Games - Q4 2010

    Q4 Rankings are up! To summarize: 1. Dungeons & Dragons 2. Pathfinder 3. Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch 4. Dragon Age 5. Mutants and Masterminds, inc. DC
  12. Dannager

    DDI Update 3/15

    WotC_Trevor just posted information on today's DDI update! Lots of cool plans and features planned for this month (so, probably by next month? :p): inherent bonuses, new weapon display options on power cards, syncing up DDI updates with book releases, a bunch of features scheduled for next...
  13. Dannager

    The State of Moderation at RPG.net

    Note: This is going in Off Topic because I don't really think there's anywhere else to put it. If someone thinks differently, I'm fine with it being moved. So I apologize if I've been snippier than usual these last couple of weeks. I've been dealing with a pretty frustrating issue over at...
  14. Dannager

    D&D 4E 4e Mechanics That Ought to Exist (But Don't Yet!)

    Every once in a while an idea crosses my mind for a mechanic that I'd love to see implemented in 4th Edition D&D. The Companion Character rules from the DMG2 are good examples of what I'm talking about - new small rules systems that expand what can be done with the game itself. So what...
  15. Dannager

    The DM Hotline

    The DM Hotline "If you have a question about running 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, whether it's a technical rules quandary, or would simply like to improve your DMing skills, here's your chance to speak directly with the folks at Wizards of the Coast! Expert DMs—including R&D's Mike Mearls...
  16. Dannager

    Will Google Wave Play a Part in Your Game?

    Invites to Google Wave have started going out. I haven't been invited yet, and I don't know of anyone else who has been, but I expect I'll eventually be using this thing like I currently do e-mail. It strikes me as a potentially powerful tool for tabletop gaming, though. It streamlines...