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    Going to University Utah for Grad school looking for RPG group

    Topic says it all. I'll be up in Salt Lake City in a few weeks and I want to find an RPG group to join. I've played dnd 3.5 and 4.0, d20 modern, star wars saga, exalted, and dark heresy and want to play any of them or learn a new system. I enjoy combat and roleplay oriented games preferring...
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    Looking to join a group in/around Park City UT

    I am going to be staying in Park City and working at the U of U's Huntsman Cancer this summer and I am looking to join an RPG group preferably DND either 4e or 3.5, or Star Wars Saga edition, I know both systems very well, I am also open to any other RPG group in the area. I am fine with...
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    Paladin multiclassing as a cleric

    So I automatically get religion as a trained skill as a paladin and I want to multiclass cleric so do I just get the shaft on a skill or do I get to pick a different one from the class list?
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    Lay on Hands and CHA

    LAy on hands is a paladin ability that allows you to use a surge to heal someone else. A feat called healing hands allows you to add your CHA modifier to the healing and the Hospitaller paragon path also allows you to add your CHA modifier to the healing, do these stack?
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    The Wolves of Maldeen

    A new dragon artilce is up: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drfe/20080618 It has a cool story, a new feat, a new paragon path for warlords, and some cool magic items. This has been my favorite release so far.
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    A possible balance for INT

    After running a mini campaign, kobold hall from the DM's guide and playing in a another round of that adventure I think INT is underpowered compared to DEX and that the rogue, along with most no wizard people, now have no use for INT. So here is quick proposed fix: At each odd INT bonus (so...
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    Looking for a Batavia(or nearby) D&D group for the summer

    Hello, I am going to be in Batavia this summer working at Fermilab from around June 1 until mid-late August. I am looking for a group that plays D&D either 3.X or switching to 4e who wouldn't mind another guy for a few months. I have the core 3.5 books adn the 4e ones on preorder, so I wont't...
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    Free Map Making software

    I want to make an overworld map and some city maps for D&D on my PC. I want them to look decent. Is there any good, free mapmaking software for download?
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    Baylor University, TX, D&D

    I D&D have a group at Baylor University with 4 pretty good people and 2 slackers, we would like one more person who wants to play one day most weekends so we can almost always have about 5 players and the DM since. We are only looking for a college student or grad student. Reply here or email...