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  1. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E Above VTT and D&D Beyond

    I thought I'd mention this for those that are interested in VTTs. This is actually a Chrome extension (free). With it, as GM, you get a button on your campaign page in D&D Beyond to open a VTT. It has full access to the character sheets, D&D Beyond dice roller, etc. It has the basics, fog...
  2. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E How much for a Wand of Sleep?

    My players came across a Wand of Sleep (6 charges). They need the money and would like to sell it. Is there any guideline on how much they might get for this?
  3. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E Primal Order for 5e?

    Just curious. I really enjoyed Wizard of the Coast's 'Primal Order' books waaay back before they owned D&D, and even before M:tG. (I have a particular grudge against M:tG because it's success caused WotC to drop the Primal Order line.) Has anyone updated The Primal Order for 5e? I'd love to...
  4. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E Homebrew Classes

    DISREGARD: I found it. I can't find how to delete this thread, though... I feel like I'm going crazy. I know I saw a source of nicely formatted homebrew classes and backgrounds...could have sworn I'd downloaded a few...now I can't find them. I also can't find where I found them to try again...
  5. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E Shapeshifter question

    I'm going to be using D&D for an existing setting. So far I've found analogs for the various races and professions, except for one. The setting has a race of Lycanthropes. They're the result of a magical war ages past and have become their own race. They don't cause lycanthropy in those they...
  6. Tom Bagwell

    D&D 5E New DM Question on Options

    I've run games for decades...but no D&D since it was AD&D. I see a lot of sources to draw on for Class Options, Backgrounds, etc. Some fit well with what I'm looking for...but I was wondering if there were any that I should steer clear of -- ones that might be overpowered, unbalanced, or can...