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    Sourcerous Vision, Arcane Power. WOW

    Am I just totally missing something or is this a pretty bomb-diggity feat? Maybe it doesn't work for passive checks? Otherwise this is I think an auto-matic grab for sorcerers once they hit 11th level.
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    Passive Checks

    I was thinking of doing this for a number of skills when I read in the PHB that it mentions it for Arcana and Dungeoneering. Which is great, and I think for all the monster checks a passive check might be nice. I was reading through one of the Scales of War adventures, Umbraforge, and there...
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    Scales of War: Bordrin's Watch ?s

    For those who have DM'd this scales of war adventure I have a couple questions. Or if you happen to have read it and can figure out the answers then by all means answer as well :) 1: I don't see that it was errata'd but Tusk has a standard attack that is +12 at 2d4+7 and then a secondary at...
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    Easy questions I think

    First, on a critical are striker's extra dice maxed or rolled? Second, if you have resist 5 poison and something hits you that does ongoing 5 poison plus and effect (save ends both) are you still affected by the "plus whatever" effect even though you aren't taking any damage? Sorry if these...
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    Technique Feats, Style Feats, Arena Feats, oh my

    So with the excerpt from Martial Power 2 I think they may have closed a door on something that seemed to get too good, but want to be sure. Was there anything before this MP2 excerpt that said that multiple style augmentations don't work together? I noticed it there saying if you had multiple...
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    WotC's Dnd customer service email

    Title says it all, as I want to email them about a rules question. Have never done it but seen people on the forums talking about how they contact customer service with a question. Just wondering if there is a specific email for that or just the straight up customer service email on WotC's...
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    No Druid flight abilities akin to Cloud Chariot?

    Ok, so I've looked through the Druid powers in an attempt to see what I assume would be a gimme. Make the Druid into a bird so they can fly. I fully expected a spell where they might not be able to make attacks or whatnot while flying, and that'd be fine with me. But to be able to travel as a...
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    Shifter powers, annoying pre-req?

    So I noticed this in the Monster Manual but it didn't sink in till I got the PHB2. I'm really not a fan of the fact that Shifters have to be bloodied to shift. Anyone else annoyed by this? Tellerve
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    Last Breaths of Ashenport ?s

    Have decided I think I'm going to run the 4th edition version of this adventure and just wanted to see if anyone on here has run the adventure or played through it and have any insights on parts that felt weird/wrong or didn't work, or generally any advice on making it all it can be. thanks...
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    One off adventure Help!

    My birthday is coming up and some old friends that I don't see too often but used to play with are going to be in town. I want to run a one-shot adventure with them, 4-6 or so hours hopefully and do it in 4th edition. I plan on making up the characters myself with the character generator and...
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    Poison Damage and extra effects ?

    I have a game today and there is likely going to be some PCs getting hit with some poison damage. Those attacks include immobilization as part of the poison and I have one character that has a poison 5 resistance through her armor. Now, I am probably missing this somewhere in the book, but...
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    Couple Dragon questions

    Should Black Dragons have swamp walk, or because they are aquatic and have swim they decided not to give them that? For Green Dragons, their tail swipe is an immediate reaction to an adjacent enemy that doesn't move on his turn. This wouldn't ever mess up the charactes attack? At most the...
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    DMG Nentir Valley

    I just started a campaign of 4e in the Nentir Valley, a la Fallcrest, Keep on the Shadowfell etc etc. I'm not going to run Keep and that lot because of one the players is also in another game I get to actually play in and that DM is using them. So, I was looking at the Scales of War campaign...
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    Goblin Hexer, Stinging Hex Question

    This encounter power of the Goblin Hexer says it does 3d6+1 damage when the target moves during its turn. It also mentions a save ends. I take it to mean that this does 3d6+1 each and every round the target moves until he saves, which seems like quite a lot. Or am I missing something? Would...
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    Bracers of the Perfect Shot and Eldritch Blast

    So, eldritch blasts says that it counts as a ranged basic attack. It got me wondering about Bracers of the Perfect Shot which add to a ranged basic attack. Would this work? Maybe not RAI but I think RAW it would work. Anyways, discuss. Btw, this would eventually work for bracers of mighty...
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    Dungeon building Question

    It seems to me from the pre-made dungeons I've looked at they are really not well designed to be defensible lairs. Are they built this way because that would take too much fun out of the adventure if they were that efficient? I have to guess that's probably why, otherwise I just don't get it...
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    Swordmage Implement with Wizard powers?

    I have a swordmage that is multi-classed into wizard. I'm wondering since my powers are Arcane like the Wizards if I can use my sword for the implement instead of a wand/orb/staff. Thanks, Tellerve
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    Swordmage Aegis of Assault ?

    Going to be playing a Swordmage in a campaign coming up and I have a question about the Aegis of Assault and how it exactly operates. When you teleport next to the target of the mark to do the attack I'm assuming you can pick any square adjacent to the target correct? Also, since it doesn't...
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    Spears not having a range?

    Anyone else think spears should have maybe dagger range? Or would that be considered just too good? I mean, in previous editions we had both javelins and spears being able to be thrown. Spears not as far of course, but they could be, now? Nada. I find that somewhat odd. Tellerve
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    Push enemies question

    If a fighter with tide of iron (or really any hero that does some power to push, pull or shift an enemy) hits an enemy in front of him, but behind that enemy are three other enemies perpendicular to the fighter (they all make a T), he wouldn't be able to push them correct? Seeing as he can only...