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  1. J

    Alien RPG custom Character Sheet

    Like the character sheet. Two thoughts. No real place to mark that your character is synthetic. Second, I think on the backside I would create an area where you record experience gained and how it was spent. Just a bit of book keeping so that you can trace experience to make sure everything...
  2. J

    Do You Know Your Glaive-Guisarme From Your Bohemian Earspoon?

    I assume the idea behind a second axe head would be the same as having the back side of your sword edge sharpened, so that you have more freedom to swing. A single head on an axe means you have to completely reverse the weapon when when swinging. At least it would seem to me, I am not a a...
  3. J

    Do You Know Your Glaive-Guisarme From Your Bohemian Earspoon?

    I do believe that the double headed battleaxe is purely a creation of hollywood and fantasy novels. I remember reading that there was no real evidence that the existed historically. Would love to hear from someone that knew more or knew different.
  4. J

    Saving the Bard

    The bard is just fine as long as the campaign in question is more sophisticated than a DPS race followed by another DPS rate as your part walks from one fight to the next. If your campaign is all about killing monster after monster after monster then certain classes will appear to be substandard.
  5. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    Maybe one day we can all live in a world like the Expanse where everyone who does not want to work or does not want to work on things society values can live on Basic with a guarantee of a certain level of living and free universal healthcare good enough that someone dying in their 80s is...
  6. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    Yep because comparing computers and nitch hobby activities are the same thing. Try a comparison that actually makes sense.
  7. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    Okay, I would like to quit my current job and start a new career where I dont play video games, I dont rate video games, I watch other people play video games and the rate the games and the players. Please make sure that I am financially secure with full access to everything to make my life...
  8. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    All of this skips the point. This should not be a discussion of politics and national healthcare. It should be about whether it is anyone's fault except the game creator who chooses a career path that cannot financially support him. Starving artists have existed since the time of the...
  9. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    This topic is not about either of them. You try to make a career out of something that pays very poorly and this is what happens. You become unable to handle financial hardship when it happens. Trying to blame politics and the current medical system because it does not allow you to follow...
  10. J

    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    No there is nothing we can do. It is called market economy. There are lots of people in the world who wish they could live off their hobbies. Wanting to live off bring a game designer sounds like fun. A vast majority find it doesn't work, there is nothing inherently wrong with that truth.
  11. J

    Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

    Pass. A little too much corporate whoring for me.
  12. J

    D&D General Positive Stories of Faith from Your Campaigns

    I can see that being a no win situation for everyone. Some people are just waiting to be extra on critical role, while others basically see DnD as a smaller scale tabletop battlefield game. It seems to rarely work out well when the two groups are mixed. Personally I think I would have enjoyed...
  13. J

    D&D 5E Paladin just committed murder - what should happen next?

    Wanted to add a final comment to the thread. This is 5E this is not DnD or ADnD. This is the "balanced" edition where you don't need stupid rules like Paladin codes to "balance" what was an OP class. So the reality is that in 5E Paladin codes are fluff for the character. They should not be...
  14. J

    D&D General Positive Stories of Faith from Your Campaigns

    So you entertained yourself in game by intentionally being irritating to the other players?
  15. J

    D&D 5E Is Bardic Inspiration Magic?

    That is my point. I have NEVER seen anyone ever ask if an anti-magic zone would block bardic inspiration. Until this question was asked no one ever thought even for a second that inspiration was magic.
  16. J

    D&D 5E Is Bardic Inspiration Magic?

    Is Bardic Inspiration magic? Of course not. Just look at how often bards use inspiration while in an anti-magic zone.
  17. J

    OD&D What is Mystara?

    You really think so? What trope is missing from the Forgotten Realms? There is a FR version just about everything you can think of up to and including a FR version of the Mongolian Horde, Great Wall of China, and more. Look long enough and you find everything in FR.
  18. J

    D&D 5E concentration in 5th edition, whats your fix?

    Multi spell concentration: When a caster takes damage the DC is 10 or half the damage taken whichever is higher. If the caster is concentrating on more than one spell each additional spell adds 5 to the DC. Failing the check automatically ends concentration on all spells.
  19. J

    Child abuse in regards to Dungeons and Dragons IRL, how should such things be handled.

    This is not abuse. Being an ignorant poop-portal is not a criminal act. No profanity, please. Thanks!