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  1. Randomthoughts

    D&D General What is your favorite D&D cosmology?

    Another vote for World Axis. When I started my 5e campaign during the pandemic, this was the cosmology I used (with some home brew changes). There is a great fan made compilation of World Axis lore (not a copy and paste but a wonderful synthesis of various sources). I used that as the bible for...
  2. Randomthoughts

    How do you expect high level play to differ from low level play in a high fantasy RPG?

    It's been a long time I've ran an Epic-level campaign but 4e's tiers of play would be the closest template I'd follow for High Fantasy. In the ones I've planned (but never finished), I adjusted the scale a bit so that the high end is "just" world changing (versus multi-verse). I find that scale...
  3. Randomthoughts

    Does Roll20 get Kickstarters taken down if they mention them?

    This reads like a shot off the bow from Roll20 warning creators of what may happen if they do this going forward. Folks tend to take that better than simply going straight to KS to pull the project down.
  4. Randomthoughts

    Now THAT'S Where I'm a Pirate!

    Definitely interested in something pirate-ry. I'm on FG and have SW including PotSM (and 50 Fathoms). Hopefully, there's more interest!
  5. Randomthoughts

    D&D 4E Resuming and Concluding my Epic 4e Campaign

    Following this thread and looking forward to the next update. Ah, the good ‘ol days of 4e....
  6. Randomthoughts

    Roll20 Alternatives

    I chose Fantasy Grounds Classic bc that’s the one I use 😁 Robust system, well supported rule sets, active and helpful community. I have FG Unity and do plan to convert sometime in 2021. I also backed Role - and things are coming around nicely - but it’s not a option.
  7. Randomthoughts

    D&D General Collaboration With Your Players?

    I voted Sometimes b/c of the last part ("depends on the specific game/situation). For my current 5e homebrew, which is inspired from a mix of Nentir Vale, Middle Earth and Greyhawk, player input on world building is pretty high. Their selection of races impact what major races will be high...
  8. Randomthoughts

    D&D General How many Races it too much?

    (Didn't read the entire thread) So, I voted for 11-12. I like having a limited mix b/c I wanted to delve into the culture of each race, which requires some time and effort to world build in my homebrew. My approach is slightly different too. The player choices of race highly impact which ones...
  9. Randomthoughts

    D&D 5E Additional Bonus Actions / Reactions for Monsters

    Besides the ones that all creatures have (like AoO or Ready Action), not really. For a "named" NPC who served as a body guard type, I gave him the equivalent of the Sentinel feat. For run-of-the-mill monsters, I usually don't add additional BAs or reactions. However, I am contemplating importing...
  10. Randomthoughts

    D&D 5E How would you improve monsters?

    I'm echoing a few suggestions already stated, but here is my list: 1) Bring back some 4e monster abilities to make battles more dynamic and interesting (which I'm just doing myself). 2) Related to #1 above, improve the rules on Legendary and Lair actions (which one can already find on the...
  11. Randomthoughts

    Current State of VTTs?

    Since you already have an Ultimate Classic FG license, I would give it another shot. As you probably know, SW is officially supported there. Unity is no longer in Beta; you would just need to upgrade your Classic license to Unity. I got Foundry during the CM sale. It definitely isn't the...
  12. Randomthoughts

    Do You Consider GMing to Be Hard Work?

    Hmmm...that's a tough one b/c I don't consider prep to be "hard" at all (time consuming, perhaps, but not hard). But yeah, building a good game group where folks show up regularly and get along fairly well probably takes the longest to achieve (unless you're really lucky) and is the most...
  13. Randomthoughts

    Do You Consider GMing to Be Hard Work?

    I enjoy running a game. It's an improv performance that I find very enjoyable, depending on the group. I don't GM long if I didn't enjoy it. But preparation is involved. @Umbran describes my view on preparation, except that it is often fun (not just sometimes). The amount depends on the game...
  14. Randomthoughts

    WotC Who should own Wizards of the Coast if/when it is sold?

    I was going to say that Fandom would buy WotC (as far as I can tell, Fandom Inc is privately held). They purchased Cortex Prime and transitioning it online. So, purchase WotC, further integrate it with DDB, and create a VTT to completely capture that space.
  15. Randomthoughts

    D&D 5E DnDBeyond huge Cyber Monday Sales growth

    Not surprising right? D&D Beyond is a great tool. And 2020 should be a good year for online tools. Now, I'm trying to figure out a strategy of whether to buy my sources in the future: dead tree, D&D Beyond or VTT. I only buy adventures on VTT. I don't see the point of getting them on DDB unless...
  16. Randomthoughts

    D&D General Dungeons & Destiny : A 5e Campaign Setting

    I was tracking this when it first came out, since I love the Destiny lore. But I'm thinking of using Cortex Prime instead of 5e, though running it on Fantasy Grounds did cross my mind....
  17. Randomthoughts

    D&D General Map which shows the location of the modules in Greyhawk

    Impressive! A resource I will definitely use for my homebrew.
  18. Randomthoughts

    How Many GMs Run Multiple Games?

    Chose 1 game, assuming you implied "regularly" like you did with the first choice. Otherwise, I've ran one shots on off-days, given the convenience of online gaming/VTTs. And the Alien RPG just came out for FG....mwhahahaha
  19. Randomthoughts

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    So, I jumped on the VTT bandwagon a few months ago. I chose FG (Classic, the newer version is called Unity). 5e is heavily supported both in automation (which others have already posted) and content (e.g., all the official WOTC adventures have been converted). Looking at the totality of the work...
  20. Randomthoughts

    Do you consider learning a new game to be unpleasant work?

    EDIT: Forgot to say why I quoted Stormonu lol - this is pretty much my position. At this point in my life, I voted for work. I look at it this way: to me, playing is where the fun is at, and in order to get to that point, I have to learn the rules first. If I could skip that step, I would do...