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  1. J

    An idea for Ability checks

    I am sure this is far from a new idea. It is one I have based on how I used to play the Star Wars WEG system. As the rules are played you tell a DM what you want to do and he tells you what check to make and you roll. I had an alternate idea for this. What if the player decided what check to...
  2. J

    Historical Campaign Ideas

    What historical events have you used as loose basis for a campaign and how did they turn out? I am considering creating a campaign based around the American Civil War but not sure on the details. My main quandary is the core basis of the war, slavery. Being DnD the obvious choice is to use...
  3. J

    Shooting down LEGIT character concepts

    Do you do it? Assuming a player comes along and his character is 100% by the rules, no Unearthed Arcana or any other playtest material, will you still shoot down a character design because you feel it is broken? I am not sure if I would straight out say no. My first thought is that if they...
  4. J

    What is your campaign balance? Combat vs Social?

    I start by fully admitting I hate characters that are uber optimized. Yes everyone is allowed to play any way they want, but I dislike when players do pure character optimization for combat. I find it very one dimensional and it turns DnD for a ROLE Playing Game to a combat board game. If that...
  5. J

    Is The Expanse RPG becoming vaporware?

    The announcement was made in January 2018, it started with a release date of GenCon. Without any real explanation that date was quietly forgotten and a late 2018 date (I believe November correct me if I am wrong) was given. Now I do some digging and we have this: "We are pleased to find The...
  6. J

    Shillelagh - Why no scaling?

    Why is shillelagh the only damaging cantrip (unless I missed others) that does not scale at all when you level. I ask because I love the spell but it is really becomes pointless quickly as you level while other cantrips are still viable if not the optimal choice in a round. If you were to add...
  7. J

    Wizards wanted to fire us, so can we fire them for setting laziness

    Do not want to start a political argument. Just a laughing pass at the "your fired" comment by a game designer that made huge assumptions about a very large portion of his customer base. Well I want to fire Wizards in return. Not for political reasons or any other stupid social cause junk. My...
  8. J

    Is it rude to aim at your players obvious weak areas?

    I will start this by saying I am not a fan of min-max players. You can play that way but you will not be happy in my game. So here is my question. You have the annoying min-max melee character of some sort, imagine some sort of barbarian build that deals insane damage. He dump stated all his...
  9. J

    Life Transference - Xanathers

    Is it accurate to assume that if you are resistant to nercrotic damage then from a healing prospective this spell is half as effective as it would normally be and if you are vulnerable to necrotic damage it would be twice as effective? Was thinking of using it in a situation where a big boss...
  10. J

    The Expanse RPG by Green Ronan

    So who is looking forward to this and who plans to actually run a campaign? Currently I am almost through the third book and I am definitely looking forward to the games release at Gen Con. I have several ideas floating through my head for campaigns from military special ops to independent...
  11. J

    Crit and death saves mean automatic ability score damage - Too gritty?

    One aspect of 5E I hate is full hitpoints after a long rest. My 15th level fighter is beaten down by a Balor, he is unconcious with two failed death saves when a party healer hits him just enough to bring him to 1 hp. No more healing is available so I go to bed at 1 hp. Assuming no one attacks...
  12. J

    Aasimar racial feats

    So are we going to get some any time soon? I find it rather annoying that my favorite race did not get any. (Or did I miss some?) Assuming that none exist that I missed what would you suggest as good racial feats for mortal angels.
  13. J

    Heroes by Action or Superheroes by Ability?

    Which way do you like to run your campaign world? 3E was more of heroes by action. Leveled beings were not common but NPCs with levels, monsters with levels, etc, existing in fair quantities everywhere you go. Forgotten Realms was an excellent example as no city worth its salt did not boast of...
  14. J

    D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation - Moral Question

    Reading through the Tomb of Annihilation and several thoughts occurred to me beyond general thoughts about the overall design of the module. 1. Rich getting richer - Overall this module is about savings the 1% and helping them stay the 1%. Even in a magic heavy world like the Forgotten Realms...
  15. J

    D&D 5E Is acting on player banter a dick move?

    Simple question, not sure what the simple answer is. Players talking, CONSTANTLY. One of the most common conversations is players announcing when their character is out of juice after a particular fight. It is quite common for the cleric to say they are out of healing, the wizard or sorcerer...
  16. J

    D&D 5E Classes - Primary Stat Secondary Stat

    Currently the way character classes are is rather ad-hoc. There is no desire to balance the classes between the stats which purely in my opinion is a mistake. Charisma has gone from being pretty close to pointless in 1E to be the incredibly inportant in 5E. This is just for fun, this is not an...
  17. J

    D&D 5E Short and Long Rest limited Actions

    I have to start by saying that I HATE actions that are limited use per day, especially the ones that do not make much sense in their limitation. Seriously, who can a fighter one do a single Action Surge (or 2 when 17th level) and then he needs a Short Rest. It makes no sense, in game it gives a...
  18. J

    D&D 5E Are there too darn many spellcasters?

    Spellcasters! They are everywhere. Unless you run a straight barbarian and never multiclass you will get the option to become some degree of spellchucker in 5th edition. One thing I liked about 3.x was that an non-spellcaster had to chose some pretty specific things and develop in a specific...
  19. J

    D&D 5E Make Constitution great again

    Constitution, it gives you hit points as well as saving throws against disease, poison, and other con based items. But really, it is THE dump stat and has been basically forever. A friend of mine proved this years ago by creating a character with 10s in every stat and a 25 in Constitution. It...
  20. J

    Darkest Dungeon as a gaming group format

    Darkest Dungeon is a DnD style game for the PC. It hearkens back to modules like Temple of Elemental Evil where the adventurers are run through a meat grinder. It has multiple dungeons you can select to send your party through. I was thinking this would be a great format for a gaming group...