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    What wouble be special about a Grave Robber [npc/subclass/background mechanics]

    The concept of a grave robber character/subclass for rogue caught my mind a while back. The problem is that it was only the feel of the class that came to me, not any specific mechanics, at least not any that hold up to much thought. To me, a grave robber is someone who robs graves (digging up...
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    Darts and Daggers

    Long story short: I'm making a kensai monk that uses daggers and darts (flavored as throwing knives) as his kensai weapons. I know what I'm doing, it is partially a joke (that is it amuses me quite a bit) but mostly its the most interesting way I found to make the daggers only fighter character...
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    D&D 4E Dead in Thay - 4Edition converting from 5e monsters

    So the gaming store where I've been doing D&D encounters has a decent number of people who want to play encounters, but aren't ready for 5e yet, so I've DMed scourge of the sword coast and now Dead in Thay in 4e. For Scourge I just made monsters based on the 4e monster math (with reduced...
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    D&D 4E Invading the castle:Small rooms, small fights, and 4e

    So I'm running the "scourge of the Sword Coast" for a 4e group, and several of the scenes involve clearing out castles or towns or whatever in a series of what I would call "Small rooms, small fights" where your have about 14 smallish rooms connected by long halls, and you probably might have...
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    Main Page

    Testing testing Base Idea Planar travel is fairly simple. Useful pages Types of planes Types of Races Deities Magic and Power Sources Mutations to 4e Campaign Info character creation specific planes objects recieved
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    What can a rat do.....

    The theme dead rat deserter lets you turn into a tiny rat, and in D&D encounters my scout has that theme: The only penalty is that you can't attack. So last week I realized that I could still make heal checks in rat form, so when the cleric went unconscious I went into rat form and made a...
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    Scout: Aspect of Fox + dual weapon attack

    For scouts Aspect of the cunning fox lets you shift as a free action when you hit or miss on your turn. Dual weapon attack lets you make an attack as a free action with the trigger you hit with a basic melee attack on your turn. Now if your are in your foxy stance and you hit with a melee basic...
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    Seeker and Rune priest support idea

    This idea occurred to me in that state between waking and sleeping this morning so i make no claims it is good or bad, just that i had it and it intrigued me. What if, as part of the way they increase support of the seeker and runepriest Wotc did this: That is to say, like slayer is to...
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    Trusted Spell casting + Hexblade

    So ,a hexblade get one encounter power that they get multiple uses of and Trusted Spellcasting says: By taking this feat, do each of my multiple uses of my Hexblade encounter now do half damage on a miss? I sure think so! It doesn't seem tooooo powerful, and its good fun for my hexblade...
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    Using a readied action to double up sneak attacks. How acceptable? How palateable?

    Since readied actions act as immediate reactions, they don't happen on your turn (right?). Thus if I sneak attack an enemy, then use an action point to ready another attack, and then it triggers while you still have CA, you get your sneak attack again. I fairly convinced this is true, and it...
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    Skill vs NADs (fort,ref,will)

    I've been DMing for the D&D encounters (more or less my first 4e DMing) and recently also ran the Free RPG day Dark sun module for some friends that I hadn't seen in a year. Both times it came up that they wanted to try something interesting and the most logical option was to make a skill check...
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    'Punishing' rogue experience and rogue|warden build

    I was playing around with Rogue|warden hybrid concept (based on a dream i had the night before) and realized that with riposte strike and wardens fury I get to attack an enemy no matter what they do, also there is a daily stance "duelist prowess" that has a similar "hit me i hit you" effect...