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    We're hosting a "Let's Read" of I6 Ravenloft over on /r/Ravenloft this month - for anyone interested

    Classic! Wonderful map and art; great and memorable NPCs ... ran it as a Halloween one-shot for a couple of years.
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    WotC Check out Magic: the Gathering's Tiamat

    So are those Arena decks random, or fixed ... I can't tell from the article. Same think for the four Commander decks ... fixed, or random? If fixed and balanced against each other that would be ideal.
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    WotC Check out Magic: the Gathering's Tiamat

    OK, so I've never played Magic. Despite its popularity the collectable aspect has always been a turn off to me -- because I'd inevitably want a full set and that's a financial hole I don't want to go into. But this FR crossover has me intrigued, and knowing that MtG was originally intended to...
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    D&D Movie/TV Is the D&D TV Show Based On Drizzt?

    Good lord, man -- "sluff" and "drow" have no sounds in common whatsoever. // You know, I could get into a Game-of-Thrones style TV show set in Menzoberranzan. A bunch of backstabbing, inter-house trickery would be just the thing (with various ploys & excursions elsewhere to keep things...
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    OOTS 1233: Concerning Thoughts

    OOTS: Murdering goblins without remorse since episode 1. D&D murder hoboes since Keep on the Borderlands ...
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    Can a Black Pudding Cast Haste?

    Caf / caffa (Star Wars). // 1/4 cup of Espresso powder! OMG that's strong. Used sparingly, espresso powder is a great way to enhance the flavor of chocolate without converting it to a coffee flavor. I use it in my chocolate chip cookie recipe, but for reference, I use 1/2 tsp for an entire...
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    D&D General Elmore's 'The Four Women of Dragonlance' Painting Is Finished

    Oh, I know why they did it. My gaming group was playing the original modules as they released, at least until the whole thing turned into an obvious railroad and we gave up. I just think it weakens the novels.
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    D&D General Elmore's 'The Four Women of Dragonlance' Painting Is Finished

    (Gasp!) Tanis dies? Which series was that? Or do you mean when she thought he was dead? I don't recall a reference to wearing black, but then I tend not to remember small details like that.
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    D&D General Elmore's 'The Four Women of Dragonlance' Painting Is Finished

    Ironically just finished reading the Chronicles -- the original trilogy that is -- last night. It was better than I remembered, but also clear that it was Weis & Hickman's first author gig outside of D&D modules, 'cause someone needs to teach them "show don't tell". So much potentially exciting...
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    OOTS 1232: Equity Options

    Great episode. They're currently doing the "fantasy genre". So the gods are gamers ... what other genres are they playing?
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    I love well-designed, sandboxy (as in, multiple routes) dungeon crawls. One thing the good ones have -- multiple ways to approach and resolve each encounter. Most should not be only able to be solved by "kick in the door, kill the monsters, get the treasure". Sure, that's one way -- but clever...
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    You blinded me!
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    OOTS 1228: No Intention

    Paladins ... so predictable.
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    D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

    Order of the Stick / Xykon confirmed. Gilbert Gottfried must have been unavailable.
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    What do space empires fight over?

    The usual: Fear, Honor, Interest.
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    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    Torn. On the one hand, I own all of the 1E TOR stuff as well as C7's reprint of the core rules (which I thought was revised, if not a true 2E). But I don't know that I need a new rulebook right now (start set might be nice). And I'm still waiting for my T2K kickstarter ... I wish they'd deliver...
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    Unusual Sandwiches

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    Unusual Sandwiches

    Got to eat a bit of family history today. My wife's from Baltimore (that's Balmer, hun). Back in the '70s they used to go to Powerhouse Natural Foods store in Towson where they would get a Powerhouse sandwich. It is: 7-grain whole grain bread Chunks of Muenster cheese Romaine lettuce Tomatoes...
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    OOTS 1223: Bird's Eye View

    Any operating theories on what hey heck is going on?
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    Review Roundup: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

    Cool! I rate this idea a 20 on a d20 -- critical hit!