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  1. Holy Bovine

    So who's making monsters?

    Just wondering if anyone has been making monsters based on the mechanics they are seeing from the current bestiary. I'm running a homebrew 5E game this weekend and am looking for some wolves/wargs for the goblin raiders to ride. edit - also why the heck does the Dungeons & Dragons playtest...
  2. Holy Bovine

    (Kickstarter) New The Gamers Movie - Hands of Fate

    KS Link Don't know if this was posted on ENWorld yet but with just 12 days to go it is still short of its goal! Surely there are a couple of thousand of you with $50 to spare (or even $25! Heck they'll take a dollar and thank you profusely!!) My wife and I are big fans of the Gamers movies...
  3. Holy Bovine

    Pathfinder 1E Free Character Builder for Pathfinder?

    Is there one? Are there plans for one? I know of Hero Labs offerings but I'm really cheap and want it free!! :lol:
  4. Holy Bovine

    Ultima IV FREE on GoG.com!!

    Yeah, it's true!! One of the 1000 reasons I love gog.com. Quest of the Avatar was my first Ultima experience and still my favourite.
  5. Holy Bovine

    Do Bards still suck?

    So I have the PF rulebook and have been reading over the changes to the classes mainly and trying to digest and judge those changes. Many of the classes got significant overhauls & power boosts (Paladin and Barbarian) while some remained untouched (Wizard). The one thing that jumped out at me...
  6. Holy Bovine

    Birchbark Heroes Cartoon

    Birchbark Heroes vs. Tomb of Horrors. I think this is new and it was pretty darn funny (especially all the ways they try to get past the green devil face).
  7. Holy Bovine

    Played Gamma World 4E for the first time...

    ... and I loved it. Ran a few friends though the freebie Gamma World Day adventure Trouble at Freesboro. We had a Radioactive Plant (a sentient potato named Bud the Spud), a Rock Doppleganger and a Radioactive Mind Coercer (he launched 'brain slugs' at his opponents to force them to attack...
  8. Holy Bovine

    Board Game Dayz

    Ahhhh... I love board game day. And I am hosting one this Saturday at my house (I'd love to invite you but..y'know...the 'incident' lingers). They happen too infrequently for my tastes though. Does anyone run a weekly board game night/day with their gaming group? Do you find you can play...
  9. Holy Bovine

    Call of Cthulhu - What are the best current supplements/adventures.

    Over at Chaoisum there is a massive amount of Call of Cthulhu product. I am thinking of starting up a CoC campaign - i have the main rule book (I actually have 4 editions of them 3rd through to 6th) and a few older adventures (Cthulhu Classics, Great Old Ones) but am itching for some new game...
  10. Holy Bovine

    House Rule for Stunning

    One of the things I'm not keen on is the Stun effect in 4E. Anything that knocks a monster or PC out of the picture for a round or more is, to me, boring. I propose submitting this alternate effect for the Stun condition - feel free to rip it apart at your leisure - I ain't married to it...
  11. Holy Bovine

    What's Your (Favourite) Role?

    Poll time! What is your favourite role (not class but you can post about those below)? For me it is Defender. I love being the center of the action and Defender allows me to do that and keep my squishy wizard buddy safe from most nasties. So far I have only played a Paladin and a Fighter but...
  12. Holy Bovine

    Your favourite Dungeon Tiles Set - Multiple Choice Poll!

    Please try to limit your choice to your top 3. So which are your favourites and why? I am loving the latest one, Harrowing Halls and can think of a dozen times when I have wanted 3D terrain. There have only been a few sets I have been disappointed with (Hidden Crypts and Sinister Woods) but...
  13. Holy Bovine

    Citadels (FFG)

    I thought I'd talk a little bit about an older card game called Citadels. In it people take on different roles, each with their own special ability, collect gold and try to be the first to build up their city with improvement cards. I have to say it is an amazingly fun and addictive game best...
  14. Holy Bovine

    Good Warhammer FRP 1E Resources?

    Anyone out there in internet land know of a good place or places to find adventures/npcs/plot hook etc based around Warhammer FRP 1E? I'm thinking of starting up a game of it and need some simple, fun adventure ideas. I have most of the stuff for 2E already and they focus more on longer...
  15. Holy Bovine

    How is the subscriber drive going?

    Just my curiosity getting the better of me. How is the drive going? How close is ENWorld to that magic 1000 subscribers number?
  16. Holy Bovine

    Shaman's Spirit Companion - What is it?

    So we've been discussing the Spirit Companion of the Shaman at our game recently. Although its keywords are Conjuration it acts more as a Summoned creature than a Conjured one (taking up a space, having hit points of a sort etc) and the player of the Shaman seems to remember seeing errata about...
  17. Holy Bovine

    Buying into a setting a.k.a. awesome RP moment.

    So in our game last Sunday we had a great moment of role playing based entirely upon the setting our character are in. A brief overview - our PCs live in the Valley, an isolated community of diverse peoples that is protected from the wasteland that is the rest of the world by a magical barrier...
  18. Holy Bovine

    HELP! Need Green Slime stats for tonight!@

    Recently WotC posted stats for a green slime for 4E. I can;t find it and I need it liek yesterday! please help me!
  19. Holy Bovine

    Parrying Dagger Question

    So I have a player who wants to use a heavy shield in one hand and a parrying dagger in the other to get the +1 AC bonus for the defensive property of the dagger. Can this be done? A shield is , technically, a melee weapon (or at least can be used as such irl) but I can find no reference to...
  20. Holy Bovine

    Is the DDI Compendium completely borked?

    I've been trying to get the thing to work all morning but it just sits there mocking me. Any word on if this is a program problem or is it just me? Annnnnnd less than 30 seconds after I post this it starts working! :/ These aren't the droids you're looking for. You can go about your...