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    Welcome to the World of Papercraft

    Liked paper terrain but love 3D printing & wouldn't go back....
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    Thanks, I have this and one of my ideas was to replace these cardboard counters with suitably scaled 3D printed models, but I can't find much (anything) suitable, other than occasional highly detailed (and very expensive) examples designed for 28mm figures which, also being multi-piece, would be...
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    Hmm.... that hasn't stopped (all be it small number) of larger more detailed "Spelljammer type craft" and the Games Workshop universe is swamped with every proxy you can imagine... I'd concede, maybe, the lack of demand point, but it does then seem to show if not a lack of imagination at least a...
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    I'm faintly surprised given the explosion of 3D- printing that there aren't more options for printing spacecraft of a type suitable for Spelljammer style space battles? I've seen a few (generally quite expensive & for my needs overly detailed) STLs for craft suitable for 15 or 28mm figures but...
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    D&D 4E Anyone playing 4e at the moment?

    4th Edition is still our go to "face to face" edition of choice, with terrain, figures & all the trimmings etc. etc. On hold due to Covid at present but been playing now since it was released & one day we shall return....longest running campaigns we've ever managed to maintain interest in, 'cept...
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    RPG Print News – Gaming Paper, Gale Force Nine, WizKids, and More

    Ultra-Violet Grasslands was definitely one of my better Kickstarter decisions... would love to see a sequel someday...
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    Pathfinder 1E What is the best way to dispose of a body?

    Monster Summoning IV; Order summoned creature to fly off with / eat corpse? Or gentle repose and stone shape for a quick burial without any inconvenient "fermentation related issues"?
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    D&D General Best Dungeons for Inspiration?

    Interesting question, another Jacquay module I'm fond of is Dark Tower? Also ICE's Moria module, kinda build your own dwarven themed mega-dungeon....?
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    The Goblins are coming!

    Nice, but I was hoping they might have been the very first (pre-slotta base) Citadel goblins, who had piggy faces, very flavoursome they were too; wish they'd kept that "aesthetic"... Their first orcs on the other hand were just "odd"...
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    Starfinder Core Rulebook

    5 out of 5 rating for Starfinder Core Rulebook More Saga or Star Wars than Traveller or even Star Trek but infinite in scope and full of potential. Wont set the world alight with innovating rules concept but then easier to pick up for that...
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    Starfinder Starfinder - Tips for running the game and the learning curve

    I've been following Digital Dungeon Masters live play utube videos as a prelude to running a game myself. I find it helps clarify both rules & scenario plot at the same time as well as underlines potential issues or provides some "scene-setting" descriptions I can then steal for my own use etc.
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    Demon Cults & Secret Societies

    3 out of 5 rating for Demon Cults & Secret Societies Also backed the kickstarter (and got burned on import taxes - perhaps due to the inclusion with the book of a throw away sticker or some such undesired "bonus" item?) but felt that although in hind-sight I probably fell for it due to my...
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    Starfinder STARFINDER Miniature Starships Peek

    Looks good I can use these for Battlefleet Gothic & Spelljammer both!
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    The Weaver and the Slake Moth...

    I was always struck, when reading Perdido Street Station, by the description of the combat between these two entities and how they strove to damage each other on several different dimensional planes at the same time (or similar) I forget the exact wording... I was (and still am) keen to reflect...
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    NAZIs, UFOs, and Alien Worms in Antarctica!

    Wouldn't mind doing this with miniatures, thanks for the AAR...
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    NAZIs, UFOs, and Alien Worms in Antarctica!

    Loooks interesting, did you print the map on some kind of fabric (and if so how)?!
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    D&D 4E 4e DM Cheat Sheet

    Very nice, thanks - this will fit nicely into my French DM screen bought yesterday off a brocante market for a euro!
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    D&D 4E best 4e adventures?

    Glad some one mentioned "Courts of the Shadow Fey" if only 4th edition had attracted more third party modules of this quality - Lost City is worth a mention here too...
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    Thousand Thrones: Your Experiences? (Here there be Spoilers, Probably)

    I'm running this by Skype and maptools; we're now into chapter four and despite significant potential to become de-railed it's so far all going quite smoothly, this can't surely continue and I was wondering, with 6.5 chapters still to go, who else has played in or run this epic, how far they...
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    Random Tables for Dungeon Dressing - Bits

    I'm something of a sucker for this kind of thing, random tables of small items etc. to embelish an empty room, an orc's possessions or maybe to bait a trap. I thought perhaps it would be interesting to try and create a communial one here; the idea being that each person would grab the next...