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  1. shaylon

    D&D 4E Reported post: Let me sum up 4e anger for you.(3710460)

    Original post: in Thread Let me sum up 4e anger for you. Reason: rude Assigned Moderators: (mods who got the Email) April O'Neil, Creideiki, d6, Darkness, Dinkeldog, Dinkeldog2, el-remmen, Eridanis, Henry, Hypersmurf, Pielorinho, Plane Sailing, Rel, Umbran
  2. shaylon

    Happy Birthday Monte CooK!

    OK, first I hope there isn't a cross-thread. I searched and could not find one. Second, happy birthday Monte! I hope you have a great day. Third, I don't know if he even reads this board anymore. If he does, I hope he sees this. -Shay
  3. shaylon

    White Wolf's secret Project involves Monte?

    According to this thread and sort of confirmed by the White Wolf LJ, the new secret project is titled "A World of Darkness by Monte Cook". This will be Monte's last project as a game designer, at least for the time being. It was announced in a White Wolf seminar at GenCon Socal, supposedly by...
  4. shaylon


    I just saw this on another gaming page and thought people here might like to know.
  5. shaylon

    Order of the Stick game?

    Has anyone reviewed this game? Or if not, can anyone that has it give me brief run down of how it is played, how long an average game takes, if it is fun, etc? Any information would be appreciated. I thought it looked kind of cool at GenCon but they sold out before I got to the booth on...
  6. shaylon

    New movie?

    Hey, a fan movie makes it big? Star Wars 3.5, Secrets of the Rebellion Not sure if this is newsworthy or not, but I wouldn't mind watching it. Especially if they let me reprise my role as Dead Bothan #17. As you may know, many Bothans died to give us this information. -Shay
  7. shaylon

    Caliphate Nights, True 20, and other fun stuff!

    So I recently picked up the True 20 adventure roleplaying book, and I bought Tales of the Caliphate Nights at Origins. I had the opportunity to play a freeport module using the True20 rules and I must say I was impressed! The combat feels like it flows much faster than d20, the Conviction...
  8. shaylon

    LOST-The Movie?

    Check it. Lost Movie? -Shay
  9. shaylon

    Name this artist

    Hi, I came across this piece and it looks very familiar to me but I cannot place it. Does anyone know who the artist is?
  10. shaylon

    Subscribers go get your mini!

    You can find the 30th anniversary mini for sale at Paizo.com for 9.95 plus shipping! The site is kind of slow but after 20 minutes or so I got mine! http://paizo.com/store/games/miniatures/tradableMiniaturesGames/dnd/icons/v5748btpy7pol -Shay
  11. shaylon

    Game stores in Williamsburg VA.

    Hey all I am traveling to the Virginia area. Specifically Glouchester(sp?), Williamsburg, and possibly Newport News/Va. Beach. Are there any FLGS's that are worth going to? I would like a decent selection of older material and possibly D&D minis singles. -Shay
  12. shaylon

    Cake: What kind do you like?

    I was thinking about this earlier today and I thought I would pose the question to all of you. If you were to pick any kind of cake that you have ever eaten, what is the best? For me, it is Carvel's Ice Cream Cake. Nothing beat those birthday parties in Jersey at Carvel's as a kid. Since I...
  13. shaylon

    Smallville Vampires *Spoliers*

    Am I missing something? No one put a thread out for this? Spike said "There's no such thing as Vampires, Clark." The girl's name was Buffy ? Nothing? -Shay
  14. shaylon

    Serenity. Anyone seen?

    Without ruining the movie for anyone, what did you think? I have to say I was very happy with it. I am a big fan of the show and I think that the movie did it justice. Go see it! -Shay
  15. shaylon

    Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss

    Well I have a title thanks to Amazon! Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss has Erik Mona and James Jacob listed as authors. I am guessing this was the super secret project mentioned by Erik and others in earlier posts. I can't freaking wait! Summer 2006 cannot get here fast enough. I know...
  16. shaylon

    Ohio Gameday IV on hold

    Well apparently when I reserved the three dates last week there was some confusion about what I wanted to do, by that I mean they didn't realize that I wanted to rent out the room. I am not certain how the staff at the Holiday Inn could overlook the fact that a church group has used their...
  17. shaylon

    Draconic Prestige Class for Wizards?

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a Dragon related PrC for Arcane casters? Similar to the ones in Draconomicon. If there are could you name them and reference the book they are in? I have a caster that might have an opportunity to take Improved Familair and get a "psuedo-dragon" as...
  18. shaylon

    Ohio Gameday IV-Pick a date!

    Time to decide a date. I spoke with the venue and have three dates for us to choose from. I have chosen December 3rd as I received a few emails about conflicts with College Football. Any of the three dates are good with me but I don't want to see anyone not show up for that reason. December...
  19. shaylon

    HBO's Rome. Anyone watching?

    Just curious if anyone is watching and what they think. I have seen the first two episodes, and so far it isn't bad. I find myself drawn to period movies/shows, even though I usually find them grossly inaccurate. Any thoughts? -Shay
  20. shaylon

    Ohio Gameday IV-Who's coming?

    Just wanted to post a poll to see who might make the 4th Ohio Gameday. The plan is to have it on a Saturday sometime in late October through Early December. We are trying to get a headcount as it looks like we have two venues. A smaller (and cheaper) one at a hotel in Columbus Area or a...