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    Delta Green: Handler's Guide

    Product information... View for more details
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    D&D 5E Rules Quiz

    The EU Sage (www.sageadvice.eu) has posted another 5e rules quiz, and while it's entertaining, it's also not very challenging. I thought I'd put up a quiz of my own here. Note: these are general rules questions, not AL-specific rules questions; however, since AL DMs are expected to run their...
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    Xanathar's Guide to Everything -- an AL overview

    With the release of Xanathar's Guide to Everything to WotC Premiere stores last week, as well as the pre-release availability of the book at GameHole Con, the AL admins have published their guidance for use of Xanathar's Guide in AL games. The guidance is succinct and to-the-point, but I...
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    Reminder on AL rule regarding reprints

    Now that we have the table of contents from XGtE, we can confirm that there are subclasses in XGtE that are reprinted from earlier books. A reminder from p.5 of the current FAQ: So if you have a swashbuckler character, and thus have SCAG as your +1, you will need to follow the rules for...
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    Tortle Package AL legal?

    Just learned that one of WotCs Extra Life activities this year is to publish a document called "The Tortle Package" to the DMs Guild, with all proceeds from the document going to the Extra Life charities. Is there any indication whether the playable Tortle race in that document will be allowed...
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    Sage Advice adds 6th printing errata

    The September Sage Advice column is up, and while generally the advice given in Sage Advice is optional for use by AL DMs, advice that makes it into the game as official errata is not optional. The DLDMG notes that AL DMs are expected to run games using the rules in the Player's Handbook, so any...
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    An incomplete list of D&D rules explicitly left to the DM to rule on

    The 'can I wear two belts' discussion inspired me to take a tour of the D&D Basic Rules and look for other rules in the core ruleset that are explicitly left to DM adjudication. To the best of my knowledge, there is no specific AL ruling on these items, and given the guidance given in the...
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    GenCon 50 AL review

    First, an admission -- I didn't participate in all the AL games available at GenCon 50 in Indianapolis. I did play in a Season 7 Intro adventure, and also played through the Hulberg modules produced by Baldman Games for the D&D Experience track. As such, this review will be a bit limited in...
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    GenCon getting some love after all?

    So, not only is D&D Beyond officially launching right before GenCon (which means some folks will definitely be trying to use it at their DDAL games at the con), but apparently there's a "super-secret AL book" that's going to be "distributed" by Baldman Games...
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    Dedicated DM and certs

    Was responding in another thread when I noted that a change in the way item rarity is handled in DDAL makes it significant for someone claiming certain items from DDEX adventures to also claim the cert for those items as part of their quest reward. Specifically, these rules: "Items are of like...
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    Question regarding +1 choice

    In the current (6.0) Adventurer's League Player's Guide, players are allowed to choose a '+1' source for their character options, and the three current options (EEPG, SCAG, VOLO) are listed. Clearly, based on the wording of this section, a player is not required to choose an option. It also...
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-14 The Darklord (4 stars) [SPOILERS]

    The Darklord is the final adventure in the Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts adventure series, and it is credited to Greg Marks (a.k.a.: Skerrit/skerritthegreen), the Associate Resource Manager of the D&D Adventurers League. This is a sign that the designers intended for this to be an epic final...
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    Thanks for the FAQ guidance!

    It's nice to see the AL learning from the issues created by allowing unrestricted magic items into the game from the hardcover adventures. Sincere thanks for the restrictions on Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor in Season 6! -- Pauper
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-13 The Horseman [3 stars] [SPOILERS]

    The Horseman is the thirteenth adventure in the Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts series (though for some reason the adventure calls it the 'Misty Fortunes and Empty Hearts' series on its title page; ah, editors), the twelfth to be set in Barovia, and is, at long last, the adventure where the PCs...
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-12 The Raven (2 stars) [SPOILERS]

    The Raven is the twelfth adventure in the Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts series, the eleventh to be set in Barovia, and is a direct sequel to The Donjon in that the events of this adventure pick up immediately after the events of that one and presume that the party was successful in rescuing...
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    Retiring old AL adventures -- good idea or the best idea?

    In a different thread, I started a discussion on adventure retirement by saying the following: -- I feel the campaign is already on shaky ground by not retiring the Season One adventures prior to this point. Most Season One adventures don't make narrative sense if run for characters who have...
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-11 The Donjon (2 stars) [SPOILERS]

    The Donjon is the eleventh adventure in the Absent Hearts and Misty Borders storyline, the tenth set in Barovia, and is listed as a four-hour adventure. It is also a confused mess of an adventure, partly due to its attempt to link back much of its backstory to the initial Adventurers League...
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-10 The Artifact (3 stars) [SPOILERS]

    The Artifact is the tenth adventure in the Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts storyline, the ninth set in Barovia, and the most difficult adventure of the entire season for me to review with dispassion. On the one hand, it's a bold adventure that can catch most parties off-guard, starting out...
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    DDAL Review of DDAL 04-08 The Broken One (3 stars) [SPOILERS] [repost]

    The Broken One is the eighth adventure in the Absent Hearts and Misty Fortunes series, the seventh set in Barovia proper, and is listed as a two-hour adventure. On the whole, it's an engaging adventure slightly marred by the now-traditional editing and continuity problems with the Season 4...
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    Request: Reduce DM Award Gold

    For the most part, I think the DM Awards given out for running AL modules is reasonable, but over the past year or so, having seen different characters both locally and at conventions being played 'organically' and being built via DM Awards, I began to suspect that DM Awards were being far too...