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  1. SAVeira

    Flying Buffalo Being Sold?

    Removing items from DriveThru sounds like a fantastic way for the new owners to alienate the existing customer base. Strange way to start a business venture.
  2. SAVeira

    OK, we go live tomorrow (ACE!)

    Works for me but to be fair I was already planning to be a day one backer.
  3. SAVeira

    OK, we go live tomorrow (ACE!)

    It could be a highlighted a bit more. It is clear to me but I have been following the ACE articles here. If you would take a suggest from a Kickstarter backer, I would add something explaining how while kid friendly, there are grown-up gaming possiblities.
  4. SAVeira

    OK, we go live tomorrow (ACE!)

    As someone with a growing collection of Pulp games. I have backed Trinity Adventure and both Broken Compass Kickstarters. Plan on backing ACE. I do recommend Broken Compass, it is a very nice, simple system that really fits Pulp adventures.
  5. SAVeira

    D&D General UPDATE: this isn't greenlit : Jeff Grubb's Lost Mystara Sourcebook To Be Released

    That would be me. Mystara was where my first games were played.
  6. SAVeira

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Legendary Adventures, Inferno, Trinity Continuum, and more

    The shipping cost to Canada for Trinity Continuum is insane. I can purchase the PDF from DriveThruRPG and traditional printed hardcover from one of my online gaming stores for half price, what it would cost on the Kickstarter. Yes, I know I could get POD, but the math is bad on that as well...
  7. SAVeira

    D&D General DDB's Adam Bradford went to Demiplane

    Well, I am not a paid DM, my players have kicked to help with the cost of my pro Zoom licence and D&D Beyond subscription. Kind of like how in the old days, we would pay for the DM's pizza. Can see the value for a system that tips a DM, as well a rating system for players and DMs.
  8. SAVeira

    WotC D&D Gets A New Division At Hasbro

    Well said. It is like the rumours that go on about Warner Brothers selling off DC Comics. Who want to just put out Superman or Batman comics only, if they do not get the rights to movies, television, lunch boxes, t-shirts, etc... One of the reasons why Marvel was a cheap purchase for Disney...
  9. SAVeira

    WotC D&D Gets A New Division At Hasbro

    There is a real echo chamber that goes on when the rumour pops up on Youtube. It seems that every creator chimes in an opinion on the possibility of sale and who that want to do the purchase. Helps make it a bigger story then it really is.
  10. SAVeira

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Twisted Taverns, Traveller, Everway, and more

    I backed the original Vodari book and am very happy to back the new book.
  11. SAVeira

    Follow Broken Compass To Pulp Adventure

    Go here for the free Quickstart: Broken Compass RPG Or more directly: https://twolittlemiceproductions.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/bc_eng_quick.zip
  12. SAVeira

    D&D 5E It's Time To Rethink What An Adventure Path Can Be On Roll20

    Looks good. Any chance of a port to Fantasy Grounds?
  13. SAVeira

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Player Tools app is now live!

    Was hoping that I would be able to see my players‘ characters, no just my own.
  14. SAVeira

    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    Well I am sure that it will only go high as time goes on. I am moving the game I DM at my FLGS to Fantasy Grounds starting this Saturday. Had to delay while everyone got systems setup. Also know a couple guys at work would like me to run some for them too.
  15. SAVeira

    D&D 5E Ed Greenwood's Border Kingdoms Now Available (& Official!)

    I am in Canada awhile and I cannot believe their shipping costs. I wish they would get a Canadian printer for Canadian customers. In the meantime, I just build up a wishlist and do a mass order when I have several items.
  16. SAVeira

    The Troubleshooters RPG

    I am so looking forward to the Kickstarter now. I find the game mechanics very interesting.
  17. SAVeira

    Jeff Mackintosh Succumbs To Cancer

    As a cancer survivor, I would just let voice this public opinion: F*CK cancer.
  18. SAVeira

    D&D 5E Amazon Canada

    Not Even Shipped My order status: "Preparing for Shipment". When I am to expect delivery is "DELIVERY ESTIMATE: Monday, August 25, 2014 - Friday, August 29, 2014 by 8:00pm".