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    D&D 5E Dragon Queen Question: Why Not Interrogate the Cultists?

    Hi all, i'm running Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the party is approaching the middle section of the module-- the part where they spy on the cultist caravan going north. looking over the adventure, I have a basic question I don't think is addressed: what's to stop the PCs just using divination...
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    Looking for Mid-Level Island/Dragons' Cave Adventures

    Hi everyone, I'm running a modified "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" where the players are pirates (more or less) and a lot of locations have become islands. Though only 4th-5th level, the players insisted on tracking down the dragon that attacks the town in the 1st chapter of the adventure and so...
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    New D&D 5e Core Class: The Priest (Bronze Age/Ancient World)

    Hi everyone, Longtime ENworld reader, first-time poster! I'm a gamer and artist -- you may have seen my D&D Walkthrough Maps on the internet. I've been working for some time on a new D&D5e core class and I wanted to share it here...