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    D&D 5E Do you change balance for shorter fights?

    I've seen threads around about the average combat length, with greatly varying answers from one DM to another. I found myself at the lower end of the poll: anything lasting more than 3 rounds and it starts to be a drag (mostly because some of my players take a lot of time to determine their...
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    D&D 5E Bounded accuracy and more mundane heroes

    With bounded accuracy, low level opponents, in sufficient numbers, can still present a threat to even a high-level party, overwhelmed by the number of actions the crowd will have and not being nearly-immune to their attack. A high-level fighter can still be hit by a CR1 monster sometimes. With...
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    ZEITGEIST Campaign Journal of a Parallel World

    I have recently undertaken a derivative of the superb (to read, so far) Zeitgeist campaign. Given the strong following of this AP, I am pretty sure it will be a blast to play as well. I am blessed with players who will undoubtedly derail the campaign at some point, but it is expected: the...