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  1. XCorvis

    LaTeX macros for DnD

    Holy thread resurrection, Batman! LaTeX would be perfect for making Power Cards, except that dozens of people have already put in all the effort of making them manually.
  2. XCorvis

    Problem marking forums read

    Huzzah! Is there a rough launch date?
  3. XCorvis

    So what's the most powerful combo in Rifts?

    It's whatever looks the coolest in the most recent book.
  4. XCorvis

    Laptop screen problems

    Sure you do, just go to ubuntu.com, download the ISO and burn it to a CD. It's free!
  5. XCorvis

    Laptop screen problems

    Try booting up in a different OS, like with an Ubuntu boot CD. If the screen is still funky it's a hardware problem and you'll probably want to take it in to the shop. If not, it's probably a software problem and you should try updating your drivers or possibly reinstalling your OS.
  6. XCorvis


    It sounds like if you buy the game directly there is a limited number of activations. The Steam version does not have that limitation. I'm not sure if this thread reflects the most recent info: Torchlight DRM - Colony of Gamers While Steam does technically provide DRM, it does so in a way that...
  7. XCorvis


    I just picked up Torchlight on Steam for 50% off. I couldn't pass up that price.
  8. XCorvis

    SELANDIA 130 maps and plans

    I've known about your site for a few years now. The maps are very nice. What do you use to create them? The US/UK flag on the front page is easy to miss, so here's a link directly to the English page: Document sans titre
  9. XCorvis

    Help me understand my computers, and what to update!

    Your primary is a perfectly fine computer. It comes with a GeForce 8600 series graphics card with 256 MB of RAM. Since it's a laptop, upgrading your RAM may not really be an option. I think that motherboard maxes out at 4 GB. Pretty much the only thing you might be able to upgrade is the hard...
  10. XCorvis

    Blu-Ray players and movies

    Blue-Ray discs can hold more data, and they should have a higher-quality picture, but there's nothing that says they have to have more content than their DVD counterpart. Most likely they have the same or more, but you'll have to compare the versions if you really want to know. This may not...
  11. XCorvis

    Using Extended Monitor

    I would also use irfanview for this. On your main screen is an image folder. Double click the image you want. If it pops up on your screen, drag it to the other screen. While the window is selected, hit Enter. It will go full screen. To get rid of it, hit ESC twice (once will cancel fullscreen...
  12. XCorvis

    Wooden Dice

    To me, they look like spheres that have six regular cuts out of them. Start with a sphere and carefully sand down the sides with a belt sander? Keep in mind that a wooden die will always be a little bit irregular. Wood will have different densities within the same piece and the die's center of...
  13. XCorvis


    I just saw an article about that. I think I'm going to buy it for my dad. He loves Diablo 2. Might pick up a copy for myself too, the price is right...
  14. XCorvis

    Eclipse Phase

    I picked up the hardcover in the store just last week. It is expensive ($50 US), but the book itself is of very good quality. If you're a PDF person it's quite a bit cheaper in that format. As far as I'm concerned, the setting is amazing. I keep trying to describe it in terms of other media. So...
  15. XCorvis

    How do you pronounce 'melee?'

    That's because it's French. ;)
  16. XCorvis

    How do you boost wireless reception?

    Get a new wireless card. Newer cards are much better at picking up signals. A PCMCIA card is also an option if he doesn't have USB 2.0. If you get one with an external antenna, you can modify it to pick up signals better. And by modify, I mean attach a curved piece of paper with some tinfoil on...
  17. XCorvis

    Alternative rules systems for a Dark Sun game?

    I'd second looking into the One Roll Engine games. I've been looking at Wild Talents, their superhero game system (no relation to psionic wild talents from 2nd ed). There's a rules introduction here: WILD TALENTS It fufills a lot of your requirements, but what I like most about it is that its...
  18. XCorvis

    What type of regular columns would you like to see on EN World?

    Well, that's a start. I guess we'll see how it goes. Thanks.
  19. XCorvis

    What type of regular columns would you like to see on EN World?

    There are other aspects of EN World I am dissatisfied with, but this is not the place for that discussion. I checked the Eric Mona article - it was actually 6 screens for me. If every column is like that, I'm going to get fed up with it pretty quickly.
  20. XCorvis

    @Morrus - New ENW Logo

    Could you make the logo clickable? I keep clicking it and expecting it to take me back to the main page, and I'm always disappointed when it doesn't work.