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  1. Morrus

    We are back!

    This little guy moved in last week.
  2. Morrus

    Some posts showing as empty in app

    That’s showing OK for me now.
  3. Morrus

    Zardnaar's thread about movie stats

    There will be some reason it doesn’t count.
  4. Morrus

    Some posts showing as empty in app

    Ah, right. Found it.
  5. Morrus

    We are back!

    I think it’s important that places like this be kept running as long as possible. We’ll all be eaten by the Silicon Valley mega corporations like Facebook and Twitter and Reddit eventually, but while we can, I believe that moderated places like this have a place and serve a function.
  6. Morrus

    Some posts showing as empty in app

    I’m not seeing any blank posts in the app there. Which post number is it that’s blank for you?
  7. Morrus

    We are back!

    Just use @ like this @jmucchiello
  8. Morrus

    Is there a way to save my place when reading long threads

    The bookmark function is here:
  9. Morrus

    Change Avatar and Signature`

    That's just an auto payment at PayPal. That can only be cancelled or altered by you -- nothing we do at this end can affect it.
  10. Morrus

    Paizo Previews Lost Omens Character Guide

    The Age of Lost Omens is the new name for Pathfinder's default setting of the world of Golarion. One of the upcoming Pathfinder 2E releases is the Lost Omens Character Guide, which contains three new ancestries (races) plus new heritages, ancestry feats, and archetypes. The latest preview...
  11. Morrus

    Change Avatar and Signature`

    I need to see how Xenforo imports subscriber accounts (or if it even does). We may need to start them all again, or it may import as-is.
  12. Morrus

    New Numenera Kickstarter Delves Into Liminal Shores

    Of all the complaints one could make about Numenera, finding the system difficult is a surprise to me. It's a very simple system.
  13. Morrus

    Deactivate your account

    You can deactivate your account at the following link (this is in your account settings): https://www.enworld.org/account/thui-deactivate/ We can't do it for you. You have to do it yourself. Account deactivation is permanent and cannot be undone.
  14. Morrus

    What do you like about the new site?

    I have my own thoughts about what I like about this software, but I'm curious about what features (as opposed to the general speed, which is more related ot the more powerful server) you like most now you've had chance to look around a bit? (lets keep this to a positove thread -- there's plenty...
  15. Morrus

    Looking for this overlords

    it went out of service last week. This is its replacement, which launched on Tuesday. You can reach the old server by replacing “www” with “old”. Though there may be some access issues right now.
  16. Morrus

    Tabletop Scotland

    Maybe next year (as an exhibitor)?
  17. Morrus

    We are back!

    Its not Chrome, as I get the same thing on Safari on my iPad. Now on my desktop though.
  18. Morrus

    Pennyworth trailer (new DC Series on EPIX)

    It's about 5 episodes in. It's not bad. Beautiful period sets and costumes. The lead actor is doing his best Michael Caine impersonation, and is doing it fairly well. Paloma Faith is in it, and chewing the scenery.
  19. Morrus

    Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian and Monk

    Unearthed Arcana makes an unexpected return (the last one was back in May) with a three-page PDF containing two subclasses -- Path of the Wild Soul for the barbarian, and Way of the Astral Self for the monk.
  20. Morrus

    RSS feed?

    There's already a thread on this so I'll close this one. 'Front Page News' rss feed