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  1. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E Creating Boss monsters

    However, many of these options cost the baddie an action to activate, and actions economy is where boss monsters lose. summoning allies effectively gives the baddie more attacks, but since the PCs will find a way to focus fire on the summoner anyway, it doesn’t increase it’s longevity much. And...
  2. Laurefindel

    TSR A New Taxonomy for TSR-Era D&D

    An aging TSR collapsing under its own weight, blowing up in one colossal explosion, and leaving a black hole behind? that sounds about right...
  3. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E How is 5E like 2E?

    Oh, 5e absolutely borrows from 4e, but in answer to the OP (why 5e resembles 2e AD&D), I left 4e out on purpose. My experience of 4th is limited, but I think 5e is more than a slightly modified 4th ed D&D however. 5e's DNA markup has as much of older edition than of 4e, and more than just...
  4. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E How is 5E like 2E?

    It’s similar to 2e AD&D in the sense that 2e was (a little bit) more fleshed out than 1st edition or OD&D, including skills non-weapon proficiencies and character customization options. but mostly, because it takes a step back from things that made 3e stand out from AD&D. AD&D had a modest...
  5. Laurefindel

    D&D General RA Salvatore Wants To Correct Drizzt’s Racist Tropes

    Indeed, Whenever we are pointed as being racist or a racist, the knee jerk reaction is to say « no I’m not ». And since im not a racist, whatever I just said, or did, therefore must not be racist either. many other words would have had me reconsider my thoughts, but being called « a racist »...
  6. Laurefindel

    D&D General RA Salvatore Wants To Correct Drizzt’s Racist Tropes

    True. and it can be quite subversive. The jokes we used to make about black people weren’t worse in terms of magnitude than those we made about asians, French (from France), Americans (no offense), blondes, buffed-up kids, geeks (as a derogative term), redneck Quebecers, and people from the...
  7. Laurefindel

    D&D General RA Salvatore Wants To Correct Drizzt’s Racist Tropes

    I don't think he was ignorant and oblivious to drows being depicted (by him amongst others) as irrevocably evil, but rather that he was oblivious to the fact that this was damageable. I've got to admit that I was the same. Drows had black skin. Drows were evil. This was fully assumed but for...
  8. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E What Announcements do you think they will make at D&D Celebration in September?

    How come SPELLJAMMER CONFIRMED!!! isn't an option!?! (and not sure what you mean by "both classic setting") I think we're due for an official announcement of an upcoming announcement of something big with vague hints of what it may be. Regardless of what it may be, spelljammer will be confirmed!
  9. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E How the crap do you explain the rogue's Evasion ability?

    As many posters have said, the nature of evasion is intimately linked to that of damage and hit points. Regardless how hp are perceived, they ultimately are a resources of not-dying points. Evasion allows you to not-die without spending or losing resources. This can mean different things in...
  10. Laurefindel

    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    Ah, you must fill you character sheet! :)
  11. Laurefindel

    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    True. What I meant with the opposite sex however, it that playing to another culture without falling into racist tropes is like playing to the opposite sex* without falling into sexist tropes. It’s not the same because the order of magnitude is not the same, but the same principles apply. * or...
  12. Laurefindel

    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    I don’t think your post implies that strongly, but social constructs =/= imagined representations of things. as humans, we are social beings, and any convention we may have is by definition a social construct. Our ability to speak is physical but language is a social construct. It is imagined...
  13. Laurefindel

    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    I believe you should allow yourself the option of doing it yourself. [edit] I'm not saying you should do it, but that you shouldn't dismiss the possibility of doing it yourself on grounds that it is not your native culture. For one, you don't have to run headlong through the minefield with your...
  14. Laurefindel

    D&D General Influence of official D&D lore on your home games?

    Like @J.Quondam said, it really depends on what is considered "lore". Is "dwarves generally live underground" considered lore? Is "devils and demons are different things" considered lore". Is "Otiluke Resilient Sphere" considered lore becasue it refers to a specific mage? Is "other planes of...
  15. Laurefindel

    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    Not sure about that, it's well within JRRT to use language figuratively. And there are plenty of reference to Hobbits having blonde or golden hair, Merry and Sam amongst others. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Hobbits were imagined as white when the book was written. It also ties in with...
  16. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E WotC: 5 D&D Settings In Development?

    It's the only way to avoid the "no, you can't do that in this setting" or the "I know it's in the PHB/Volo/Mordenkanen/Xanathar/Tasha, but it doesn't exist here". Even settings such as Eberron, which I consider a kitchen sink, can't include all concepts. The wider the character options, the...
  17. Laurefindel

    TSR A New Taxonomy for TSR-Era D&D

    I started D&D with 2e AD&D fresh out of the presses, and always looked to previous materials as a vague and distant mythological past where the 10-foot pole was revered as holy by all players and everything else viewed as most unholy by all players' moms. to be honest, I still looked at early...
  18. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E What level did your MOST RECENT campaign get to?

    13th or 14th, I can't remember. The last three or four levels were a bit rushed.
  19. Laurefindel

    D&D General TPK or Imprison

    Yeah, I find TPK a bummer too in the kind of games I like to play. And yet, the menace of a TPK needs to be real enough to keep the thrill going, and give satisfaction in "not dying". As a DM, I see TPD (total party down) as a defeat, a failure. This can have several consequences, death for the...
  20. Laurefindel

    D&D 5E How many house rules?

    so... is that a rule? is it written as true? I'm confused!