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Exchange Hit Points for Armor Class

Challenge 1; XP 400 (Elite)
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 44

Traits Most languages, senses, skills, saving throw proficiencies, movement forms, and traits don’t require a change to game statistics

Proficiency Bonus +2
Saving Throws none or one
Ability Bonus +2 (14); Attack Bonus +4
Easy DC 12; Hard DC 12; Typical DC 12

Typical Multiattack 1 solo or 1 group; Damage Per Round Budget 15
The DPR budget includes actions, reactions, bonus reactions, and damaging traits
Monsters that occur in greater numbers should have few attacks, while lone monsters should have more

      • (15) average 15 damage per attack
      • (15) average 10 damage for area attacks but still costs 15 of budget
      • (x½) additional conditional damage costs half a point per point of damage
      • (0) minor conditions (grappled, prone, rattled, push, pull) are free
      • (1/2) moderate conditions (disadvantage, blinded, frightened, poisoned, restrained, slowed) cost 1 if single target or 2 if multiple
      • (2/3) severe conditions (charmed, confused, incapacitated, paralyzed, petrified, stunned, unconscious) cost 2 if single target or 3 if multiple
      • (15) Limited use abilities usually do the full DPR budget and can exceed the budget; for every 2 points it does so, reduce the DPR budget for other rounds by 1 point
Typical attack (cost 15) Melee/ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 15 damage.
Typical area attack (cost 15) DC 12 saving throw or take 10 damage plus a minor condition.
Typical limited use attack (Recharge 5-6; cost 15) DC 12 saving throw or take 15 damage (single) or 10 damage (area).
Typical moderate condition effect (cost 1 single or 2 area) DC 12 saving throw or suffer a moderate condition.
Typical severe condition effect (cost 2 single or 3 area) DC 12 saving throw or suffer a severe condition.
Other minor adjustments which will not affect CR:

• Adjust Ability Bonus (and also Attack Bonus) by 1-2 points
• Adjust DPR by 3-4 points
• Use Hard DC if an effect deals damage, a minor condition, or a short term condition
• Use Easy DC if an effect deals a severe condition or a moderate condition for longer than a turn
• Ongoing damage is costed as a single instance of the damage
• It takes 7 or more resistances and immunities to increase CR by 1 point, except for B/P/S which increases CR by 1 if below CR 7 [read more]