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Buildings use square footage; rural strongholds use acres

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*Rural stronghold



Grade 1 Frugal House (50 gp)

A house provides you and your party a safe place to live. Houses range from small dwellings to opulent palaces filled with ballrooms and banquet halls. When out adventuring, you are able to bring with you some of the comforts of home.

Size 100 sq ft. (about 10 x 10 ft.)
Prestige +0
Staff 0 (0 followers)
Followers available cook, footpad, minstrel, porter, torchbearer
Ability score bonus Charisma +0

Base cost 50 gp (frugal x ½)
Features cost (x1)

Stronghold Feat
*The urge to return to your home can help embolden the hearts of everyone who travels with you. You and your allies gain advantage on saving throws made against forced marches when on a journey to return to your house.