5 Minute Workday Presents: Tactician Class

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[h=2]5 Minute Workday Presents: Tactician Class[/h][h=3]A new class focused on tactical combat and teamwork[/h]Inspired by the 4th Edition Warlord class, the tactician is a martial leader who uses masterty of combat, teamwork, and preperation to achieve victory. Tacticians are smart and knowledgable warriors, winning battles through intelligence as much as steel.
In addition to the base class are seven subclasses. Keep your allies in the fight as the healing chirurgeon; ambush your enemies as the guerrilla, sound the horn of victory as the herald; direct the battle and reposition your allies as the marshal; skewer your opponents from behind the fighter as the lancer; rally your forces to your banner as the standard bearer; and lead the charge into victory as the vanguard.


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