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A Quip That Cost An Eye


My PCs have chased a lamia from her lair, and are about to rescue some prisoners. One of the prisoners is a beautiful sorceress with a sharp tongue and wit, who has been put under geas not to use magic. She's missing an eye; the lamia took exception to one of her quips and took it. There's a good chance the PCs will ask about it, and the sorceress will gladly tell. But I'm drawing a blank on what she could actually have said that's witty and genuinely funny, and barbed enough to earn a reprisal.

What clever line could the sorceress have given that would incite the lamia to take her eye?

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What type of lamia is it? Half-lion? Half-serpent? Turns into a beetle swarm? Something different?

That might give us something to work with.



She's a half-lion lamia named Hestria. I'm running 5th Edition D&D.

(I'd forgotten that they switched up the lamia between 4th and 5th.)


41st lv DM
Something sarcastic/offensive in Lamian - that doesn't translate well into common etc. When said in another language it just falls completely flat & meaningless.

When the PCs stare uncomprehendingly at your sorcs? Just brush them off with "Nevermind..., You have to speak/be a Lamia to understand".

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