Abstract Dungeon Zine now on Kickstarter


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Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign for a zine supporting Abstract Dungeon.

In 2014 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Abstract Dungeon, a fast and story-focus roleplaying game where your character abilities are resources you spend instead bonuses to your roll.

In the years since, Abstract Dungeon has gone on to earn a five star rating and Electrum best-seller status on DriveThruRPG.

Now we want to support Abstract Dungeon with a quarterly zine, bringing you new rules, monsters, adventures, and more!

For those new to Abstract Dungeon we have pledge levels that include the core rule book, and you can check out the videos on the campaign page for examples of creating characters and playing the game.

Issue number one is already written and slated for release in March. This Kickstarter focuses on funding the zine beyond that, starting with issue two and unlocking more as we hit stretch goals.