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Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce our latest release in the This and That line: Book and Shelf.

Between their covers, books can hold nearly anything: answers to a terrible mystery, wizards' spells, or instructions for a popular game. Books have power, and those who possess them know how to use that power, both in the real and fantasy world.

Book and Shelf a resource focused using books and libraries in your game. It includes
  • A real-world history of books, from clay tablets to ebooks
  • How books might change in a fantasy world
  • Optional rules for characters building and personal library
  • A random book generator
  • 3 new spells: awaken book, scribe, and speed read
  • 5 new magic items: arcane enchiridion, book of secrets, iron codex, Raska's scroll case of convenience, and shelf of preservation
  • 3 new monsters: author devil, biting book, and bookworm
You can also save on all the titles in the This and That series by purchasing them as a bundle.


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