Changeling: The Lost - Interest

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I love classic Changeling! Never had a chance to try the newer version yet though. I'd be curious to hear the campaign spiel.:)


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Campaign spiel coming, was gauging interest first and foremost.

Hopefully have something if not tomorrow by the end of the week.


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Sorry if it's a little late but I'd like to express my interest.

nWoD? Always a fan. Changeling certainly piques my interest.

I've been away a while, but it appears I've come back at just the right time.


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I'm curious too. Looks like you have plenty of interest already, but I'll throw my name out there in case you take a huge group. ;)


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I am going to use the Miami Freehold as listed in the corebook; the kiths from Winter Masques are a go and standard starting player characters.

So start creating character concepts, probably take about 4-6 characters.

Walking Dad

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Thinking about

Beast (Scavenger)
Darkling (Razorhand)
Elemental (Blightbent) or
Fairest (Shadowsoul)

Can you give some more information about the theme and mood of your chronicle?


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Just brainstorming here...

I have an idea for a fae who focuses on the Dream Contracts...could be just about any Seeming and Kith...Darkling, perhaps, or Fairest. Or even Wizened.

An electrical Elemental could be interesting...

A Passing Maniac

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Later today, when I've more time to post, I'll try to have a more detailed character concept up, but I'll just note now that the character is a Farwalker Ogre.

Walking Dad

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Razorhand with specs in the Dream contract... sounds oddly familiar... :lol:

(Just combining Shayuri's and my idea.)

Question for Vanifae: Would you allow me to change the Darkness contract familarity of Shadowsouls to Elemental (shadow) contract?

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