WOIN Crashes and damage advice

Hi please can someone point me in the direction of where to find the rules of crashing a lawmaster into either another vehicle or driving it into someone.

Alternatively can you explain the the best way to handle it in game please

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So there are starship crashing/ramming rules. Ship class multiplied by velocity giving you your damage. So like, if you ram your car into someone, take the speed of your vehicle, let's say it's 6 and mulitply it by mass of the vehicle/person that you're using to ram into whatever it is. You'd have to homebrew it a bit there then. Maybe a value or 1 for a medium sized humanoid, 2 for a large humanoid or medium andoid, 5 for a small car, 10 for a truck/tank. So ramming a small car at speed 6 would result in 30 damage. But it would be a driving check against their defence to see whether you hit.

Hope that was the least bit helpful or maybe it gives you somewhere to jump off


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Don't forget the second half - after applying damage to the rammed one you have to do the same math the other way around.

I think it would be more natural to add both velocities together before multiplying.

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