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Greetings all. I am exploring price/fabrications options for a new line of customizable GM screens and wanted your input. I am in the very early stages that thought this would be a good place to survey both interest and preference. Here are my questions:

(1) How many of you are/would be interested in using customizable screens?
(2) What size (three or four panel)?
(3) What layout (portrait or landscape)?
(4) Would you like inserts on one or both sides?

I have some preliminary quotes and they are looking promising. I am aware of two other similar products (one tri-fold landscape and one quad-fold portrait), but I am looking to make one that is heavier/more durable. And at the same time I would also like to offer multiple formats. The one thing to keep in mind is that landscape will be much more expensive to produce than portrait (about twice the price). Thanx for your input!


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I already own one such thing, and for DMs who run a number of different games, it can be a real winner.

I don't care about landscape vs portrait. The real issue is how much area the thing cordon's off.


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I already have the three panel landscape one which Great White Games was selling for awhile (not sure if they still carry it) but a four or five panel one would be interesting as long as the profile isn't too high.

Mean DM

Hi gang and thanx for the input. I just got word from my preferred vendor that the quad-panel is *not* doable in landscape (only portrait) as it is "too large for the existing equipment." If there is a ton of demand for this version, I will keep shopping manufacturers, but I suspect this may be a long shot in terms of viability.

Mean DM

Bumped for the weekend crew (this will be the last one). There might be less interest than I was hoping...but that is good to know before I invest in stock ;).

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