D&D Beyond Launches

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I love the overall design, and how well they seem to be integrating things, but I most decidedly do not love the ridiculous price for a digital rental only functional through the website... It's more expensive than purchasing a hard copy of all the books haha​



Besides the thread necro, the Legendary Bundle is for EVERYTHING! and guarantees you 15% discount for all future books. While it is wildly bad math - that works out to less than $22/book - I wish I paid as little for the hardcover books!

I can't imagine a scenario where I will ever buy the adventures on DnD Beyond, but I have purchased the 3 core books and love it. I'm contemplating buying XGtE and the bits and pieces I want from SCAG & VGtM a la carte.


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Yeah, my bad, I think I had a bug with my system time or something, cause it was showing as posted only ~30 mins prior to my reply there.

But no, I was commenting on pricing for myself locally. That works out to $470aud, and I can definitely get all the books for a reasonably cheaper price through a local bookstore.


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Keep in mind it allows you to share it out to I think a total of up to 37 people. Split that cost between 37 people and it's a pittance.


D&D Beyond offers a different value proposition than physical books. Not only do us get the online books but you get the character builder, and searchable databases of monsters, spells, and equipment. It is accessible through my iPad, iPhone, and computer so t is always with me.

Personally, I find it much more useful than the books, but you each his own.


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I can't imagine a scenario where I will ever buy the adventures on DnD Beyond, but I have purchased the 3 core books and love it. I'm contemplating buying XGtE and the bits and pieces I want from SCAG & VGtM a la carte.

I bought all the rulebooks, including XGE, and it is great to have the books on my phone or laptop and able to easily search across all of them and have the content cross-linked.

The only AP I bought was Curse of Strahd, which I kinda regret. I don't get any use out of it. I find the book easier to use. The adventures need to be more than digital books. It is nice that monsters are linked to popup stat blocks, but can already easily search for a monster in DnD Beyond. They need to improve cross-linking within the adventures. For example, the random encounter tables link to the stat blocks, but not to that actual encounter section in the book. So, I roll a random encounter for dire wolves, I can easily jump to the Dire Wolf stat block, but I miss out on the read-out text and additional details that give the random encounters flavor. It is worse for something like "false trail" or "skeletal rider". I have to scroll down to find it. It should be hyperlinked.

Navigation is not as easy as it should be. I find it easier to search than to browse the AP (and the rule books for that matter). You have to constantly scroll up and back track to jump to another section of the book. It is worse than navigating a PDF or MS Word with properly formatted headers. At least give me a table of contents outline to the left of the text with the main sections expandable to show the subsections. Having to constantly go back to the table of contents pages to jump to another section is one aspect of the physical book experience they should not have emulated.

The numbers on the maps are not linked to the locations.

There is no easy way to find a map in the DnD Beyond version. It would be nice to have at least a section listing all the maps.

If you share your content with your players, you have to share EVERYTHING or NOTHING. So sharing my rulebooks means that they also have access to the davture book. Sure, they can look at it in a store, but if they are searching for something in DnD Beyond, it may return content from the Adventure giving an inadvertent spoiler.

I won't be buying any more adventures from DnD Beyond. Not worth it given the present state. I've given up on WoTC APs every being available in RW, and have almost given upon RealmWorks's content market ever going live so I can buy non-WotC adventures on it. I've finances allow, I may get a flat screen TV I lay flat on a table and get Fantasy Grounds, which seems to have t he best digital implemntation of adventure content.


The adventures could be presented better in DDB, but I do find them useful for prep reading and running pieces of them from the iPad.

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