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D&D Classics: Thunder Rift Basic (2E)
Wizards of the Coast

CALLING ALL BEGINNER DUNGEON MASTERS AND PLAYERS: IT'S TIME TO LEARN WHAT LIES BEYOND THE DUNGEON! THE GREAT CANYON OF THUNDER RIFT IS FILLED WITH ADVENTURE Now that you've had a taste of treasure hunting, are you ready to discover the road to and from adventure? Enter Thunder Rift and you'll find the excitement that lies outside the dungeon. From the Plunging Cataract Falls to the Keep of the Black Knight, the Rift offers a miniature world filled with friends and foes alike. Thunder Rift offers the novice Dungeon Master a rich environment in which to begin a campaign. He or she can run the companion modules designed for use with this accessory or create entirely original scenarios that only require a place to be played out. There are lots of adventure ideas built right into the text, and lots of space for inventive DMs to "do their own thing." Player characters will find the Rift to be an excellent home turf, and they can get to know the valley while they are getting to know their characters and the game. Recommended for beginner DMs and players - no level restrictions For use with both the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game Box and the D&D Rules Cyclopedia Comes with a large, colorful map sheet acts as a setting for numerous TSR adventure modules, but remains completely self-contained, a perfect setting for any adventure Thunder Rift can be placed into any world in which the DM sets the campaign.

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