D&d story mode: d&d lite by joel esko

I hope joel doesn't mind me posting this here, but i came across it and thought it was brilliant:


Hes made a homebrew d&d lite thTs so streamlined it hurts. I...really like it!

Especially the streamline skills (which look a lot more functional than the core set) and the spell point casting system hes has there. It actually looks like itd be really fun to play at the table for a casual campaign.

What are other peoples thoughts on it?

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I reading it just now and love it so far! I was reluctant to start a D&D 5e game with my beginners table since they dont really care about rules and feature choices. Once I'm done, I'll maybe use those rules as a first step toward a more rule heavy game as D&D.


Heh... my first roadblock for this version was seeing Acrobatics as one of the few skills still remaining. Of all the ones to hold onto, that one is so far down my list that my urge to use the system is greatly reduced (since the character sheet is less cool as written.)


Hehe I see Defcon1 hates acrobats as much as I do.

Thanks for posting this OP, it is very helpful for my friend who is about to run a game for a bunch of kids. I am also looking at running a game for a couple of non-gamers very soon too, I will seriously consider using this.

Not that I think rule-light things are just for kids, it's just that most people who play RPGs a lot like some crunch as it scratches their puzzle solving itch a bit.


Funny. I too don't like the Athletics/Acrobatics split :)

Btw. I hope that there will be a collected PDF. Splitting the System into differnent PDFs and Webpages is very hard to Archive.


Hi, this is Joe (not Joel, but that's ok :) )

Thanks for the comments!

I've taught about 15 new players using the system, and so far it's working great. Though the spell list needs more work.

Funny. I too don't like the Athletics/Acrobatics split :)

I don't really like it either, honestly. My first couple versions left it out (keeping Athletics under Strength).

But after playtesting a few sessions, I found it was easier for new players to put it back in. It's not ideal, but I found it clearer to say "Roll Athletics or Acrobatics" than to explain that they can add Athletics bonus to their Dex for some rolls.

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