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Dreams of Cthulhu


First Post
Pocket wonder: Who said you need a 400-page rulebook? A complete roleplaying game in a condensed format. Mini size, big fun!

The Old Ones lurk just beyond the ken of an unsuspecting world, dreaming of the time when they will rise to devour it. As a member of the secretive Order of the Sentinels, you know the truth about the existence of these alien horrors and will do anything in your power to stop their plans. The rest of the world may think you’re already mad; all you hope for is to keep your sanity long enough to make a difference.

Dreams of Cthulhu is a roleplaying game of Lovecraftian horror in the 1920s, using a 3d6 system that is easy to learn with just the right amount of crunch. Due to the limited page count, it requires a GM with some experience in running roleplaying games; the game doesn't contain any GM or player advice.

Available from DriveThru RPG

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