Fantastic Tomes & Librams

Brand new for TRAILseeker patrons, Fantastic Tomes & Librams presents you with 1d100 mundane but exotic books and tomes to furnish a wizard's study, a library, or a treasure hoard. Each entry contains the book’s name, its author, a short description, and an optional notation indicating its rarity, relative value, and number of pages. By Russ Morrissey.

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First Post
sounds like a great idea. I was thinking about this several years back when the players were searching for clues for a missing local nobleman (also a novice wizard). They stumbled into his study, and while the module gave a few tomes of significance to the players in the description, the players wanted to know what other books there were. "Umm, ya know, books about local history and nobility, local flora and fauna and things like that..." Players, "OK, we want to read through them all to see if we can get any more clues, plus any more information you can tell us." so, it left me having to come up with a lot of stuff on the spot, which I'm not always good at.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
It's pretty system neutral. I guess I could make it this month's shared item if folks want it?

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