D&D 5E Favorite 3PPs' setting?

Let's imagine you are an important CEO in a megacorporation of the entertaiment industry, and your reports tell now D&D is in the top of the wave. The action-live movie has been a superhit, and there are more projects coming soon. The boss is really green with envy, and he has asked to create a new brand to be the rival of D&D, because this is licenced to other company. Then one of the team suggest to use a previous IP.

What do you think the 3PPs settings with a potential great future, and shouldn't fall into the oblivion? For example
Midnight by Fantasy Flight Games,
Lost City by Green Ronin,
Scarred Lands + Pugmire by Onyx Path,
Obsidian Apocalypse by LPJ Games,
Kaidan by Rite Publishing
Migdard by Kobold Press.
and Iron Kingdoms by Privater Press.

I have watched lots of interesting projects in kickstarter, but even when the crownfunding has been a success, there aren't news about. If the publisher wants to launch new sourcebooks for that setting, I can't find the information. The are losing buyers because they haven't enough promotion. Any solution? Maybe some deal with WotC and D&D Beyond could publish some pieces by 3PPs, maybe a PDF of ten pages about a class or a new PC race what you can find in the SRD.

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If Hasbro merged with Embracer Group, the owners of Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee, then a rebooted version of Rokugan could be within the D&D verse.


There are so many 3PP games for 5e out there that are absolutely amazing, and you have listed a few.

Aeltaltis is another.
Grim Hollow
Midgard & Southlands
Dark Matter
Esper Genesis
Dark energy (based on the books)
Tales of Arcana
City of the Crescent
World of Alessia
Blackstorm (Spelljammer with serial numbers filed off I believe)

Oh so many great products out there.


Is "Aeltatis" spelled rightly? I couldn't find it.

Isn't Theros by WotC?

Is "Wildjammer" really a 5ed setting?

Dark Energy?

I couldn't find "City of Crescent" as a RPG setting.

Storm Bunny Studios is a good example of 3PP what could sell more if they had more promotion.

Blackstorm Realms, by JetPack7, is one of the best examples of 3PPs with awesome ideas what shouldn't fall in the oblivion.


Iron Kingdoms would be interesting to develop with the mega-budget the OP suggests, but I'd go "off-piste" in terms of currently published 3PP settings, and spend my mega-bucks on @Steampunkette 's Sins of the Scorpion Age setting.
If you check out the stuff on the Discord server, you'll see why

I would love to see the Iron Kingdoms setting developed in such a way. I think it departs enough from traditional medieval fantasy to have a chance at catching the general audience's eye.

As a second option, I would like to see Asmodee/FGG's Midnight given the full silver screen treatment (the less we talk about Midnight Chronicles, the better 😣), but I fear that if it had any sort of success it would be sued until the next decade by the Tolkien estate 😅

I couldn't find "City of Crescent" as a RPG setting.
City of the crescent is a Kickstarter project (setting + campaign) that should be released quite soon. Based on the 18th Century Ottoman Empire, written by a Turkish development team.

Iron Kingdoms would be really interesting and distinct, though I suspect the very top-heavy small-legs look of the war jacks, and the ludicrously bulky armour, would be difficult to render convincingly in a live-action medium.

Esper Genesis.
Carbon 2185
Genefunk 2090
Rocket Age
Seas of Vodari
Eldrich Sands
Comets & Cockpits
Dark Energy (by Entanglement Interactive LLC)
Alessia by Bunny Storm Studios
The Koryo Hall of Adventures: 5e Compatible Campaign Setting De Red Scales Publishing

Lord Mhoram

Sticking to fantasy
Kobold's Press Midgard is probably my favorite. That includes the addendum stuff too.
Obsidian Apocalypse is decent.
The 5E version of Numenera is decent.

Setting I don't mind, but generally are a little dark for me
Scarred Lands

I look at rules (races, classes, subclasses, feats, spells etc) and monsters and steal them away any place I can.

Grim Hollow as a setting, and Drakkenheim as a location.
It certainly helps that Drakkenheim could absolutely be a place inside the Grim Hollow setting.


I like Midnight, but it looks like the 5e version is a bit lacking. I will get the pdf before making further comments.

Midgard is great, it's very well supported, and it has a lot interesting lingering plots.

Lost Citadel looks cool, and the fiction is great, but I have not found anyone to play it with.


This may mark me as a casual, but Midgard continues to be my favorite. They're still making good content and don't seem to be in the process of slowing down.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I'm pretty basic, but I like my low-fantasy, so

  • Middle-Earth from Free League (prev. from Cubicle 7) based on LotR
  • @Steampunkette 's Sins of the Scorpion Age as said by @GuyBoy is splendid (I'd prefer it as a 5e project instead of LevelUp, but that's me :p )
  • Symbaroum is great but I dont think the 5e rules are a such a great match for the setting.
  • Not published, but to rival D&D I'd go for a JRPG license such as Final Fantasy's Ivalice, LoZ's Hyrule or the DragonQuest games.

I wonder if the best option for Sasquatch Game Studio's IPs should be to be acquired by WotC.

Any new about Laser & Lichs?

What about "Rhune: Dawn of Twilight" by Bunny Storm Studio?

Humblewood by Hit Point Press as a potential as sleeper franchise. It looks very kid-friendly, perfect to sell toys.

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