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Kickstarter Final day on Kickstarter for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds


First Post
Howdy Gamers!

We here at Pinnacle are very grateful with the support the ENWORLD community has shown for Savage Pathfinder. You all showed up in numbers to make our first day a record for us. Today we're in the final hours of our Kickstarter and we wanted to invite you to our last day festivities.

At 2:30PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern we're hosting a Live Question and Answer on our Twitch channel where you can ask our Development Team and Management anything you'd like about this great partnership and how we're bringing Golarion to our fans.

If you missed it, Jason Bulmahn joined Clint Black to discuss game design and the great folks at Owlcat joined us to talk adapting Golarion to new formats.

Following our Last Chance Q&A tonight we're also showing the finale of our Hollow's Last Hope Actual Play also on Twitch, so we hope you'll join us in enjoying this great Pathfinder adventure.

Cheers folks!

Christopher Landauer
Event Crew for Pinnacle Entertainment

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