D&D 5E Funerals

Help me ENWorld Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Does anyone know of a short adventure or a setting where a funeral takes place? Preferably a noble one, a big deal, and ideally involving dwarves?

Need some Inspiration...

Set up: post-Phandelver: careless party managed to let Gundren die in the mine, dwarf clan assemble to take over running of the Forge of Spells and also organise a funeral for Gundren and his bro. Any ideas on Dwarvish funerary rituals would be cool...

Thanks in advance.

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Well, there's a Pathfinder Society module in Season 5, I think, called The Merchant's Wake that has a funeral in it. Not dwarven, though I remember chatting up a dwarven NPC.


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The first module of Paizos Carrion Crown involves the funeral of a sage.
The sages death, funeral, & the reading of his will is what draws the party together. Then it's off to finish his investigation that led to his death.

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