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Gnome Map Icons Previews


Inkwell Ideas has a Patreon (sort of a monthly opt-in subscription) to help us make a new set of over 100 icons every month! Each month our supporters get to vote on the month’s icon theme. We also put them up for sale on DriveThruRPG.

Our winning theme for January was Gnomes, so below are 3 of the 4 previews of these icons. We decided to break the gnomes into two groups: rock gnomes that are your tinkerer/engineer type and forest gnomes that are more whimsical and magical.

The world/kingdom map icons come in two styles: classic & isometric. They each give you city/town/village/capital icons for both the rock and forest gnomes and it made sense to give each a university and shrine. Then we did a few specific landmarks for each gnome type: animal cemetery, burrows, and a wildlife preserve for forest gnomes; a mine, refinery, and observatory for rock gnomes.


For the settlement style icons we make (mostly top-down buildings) we have a few houses for both gnome types as well as several other icons appropriate to each gnome type.

One more preview coming before the end of the month!

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And here is a sample battlemat (a combination of 3 buildings: forest gnome house, rock gnome house, and tinkerer's workshop) using many of the battlemat icons:

Icons will be sent out to backers later today!

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