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Great One Pact: Cyc, Infinite trans-planar Hypercube, the Allrecord


So I'm playing a warlock ( bladepact, starting fighter 1 then multiclass warlock ftw)

My character rolled up the trinket, a weightless cube... after a lot of physics discussion ( a weightless cube with mass of 4kg will slowly rise due to buoyancy effects )
I decided to incorporate the trinket as my Great One Pact

[h=3]Cyc, transplanar infinite hypercube

[/h]Cyc is an entity that exists outside all planes of existence, and transcends space and time. When Cyc pierces a plane of existence it manifests as a solid hypercube, dependent on the materials and dimensions of the space it manifests in. Scholars theorize that Cyc is an infinite hypercube and can manifest different dimensions of itself as spatially separate cubes in the same plane of existence. History records that when these cubes come in contact, space and time start to warp and the reality of that planes fabric can distort. Cyc's motives have never been defined and are considered inscrutable. However, historians have noted Cyc presence, mostly benign, sometimes active at nearly all cataclysmic events of note in history. Sometimes accounts of these events can be gleaned from a Cyc manifestation, leading some scholars to call it the Allrecord. However, historians also note that Cyc manifestations have happened that don't seem to correlate with any great historical event.
While Cyc is not a resident of the Far Realms, its existence has been exploited and antagonized by said residents over the eons. These try and use Cycs infinite geometry to create wormholes to other planes and to gain powerful advantage over their enemies. Cyc's retaliation, though never swift, has always been sure and catastrophic to those who exploit it, and thus it is seen generally to be anti-aberrant. Though Cyc's manifestations can be brief, in general they exist for millenia.
Evidence of Cyc has been found in ancient obelisk worship and is purported to have taken some part in the initial severing of the Far Realms from the material planes by the young gods.
Pacts with Cyc generally operate around its material manifestation. Intelligent agents are the vehicle through which Cyc defends and exerts itself in a plane of existence. Cyc can dominate intelligent beings in proximity to a manifestation, but generally lends powers to those who willingly make pacts with the hypercube. These agents tend towards neutral alignment, but Cyc's power has been put to good and evil purposes. History shows these pact-holders are rarely called to direct action by Cyc, and they can learn to wield great power towards whatever purpose they so choose. These pact-holders are able to lay hold of Cyc's power at a much greater proximity to a manifestation then dominated agents, and can even grow to command the corporal reality of Cyc's manifestation. The destruction of a Cyc manifestation requires obscure and incomprehensible arcane rites known only to a few capable residents of the Far Realm. Such a destruction causes a miniature psycho-kinetic black hole that rips at memories and space then explodes, leaving a radius of magic-void desolation behind. The survivors are left gibbering wrecks, lacking instinct or intellect and generally die of starvation or neglect shortly afterwards.
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