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D&D General How Long Did You Play the Different Editions of D&D? (+)


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2013- present- playtests and 5e with a heavily 1/2e inspired vibe. I do have issues with 5e but it sems to be the edition that causes the least angst for the players and so we stick to it. Current game based on Saltmarsh and lots of 1e modules and Dungeon Adventures which is entering its third year (currently finishing Kingdom of the Ghouls from Dungeon #80).

Cool. :cool:

This sounds like my style of play and I am running Ghosts of Saltmarsh (I call it "Ghosts of Saltmarsh+") with Dungeon adventures and old modules (like N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile God or "Song of the Fens" from Dungeon #40) interspersed.

My other (remote) group is being run through the same thing about six month behind but with different Dungeon adventures interspersed (the first group is all newbies, so with them I am getting to re-run adventures I ran once upon a time, the second group is my old-timers who I ran those adventures for back in the day, so this is an excuse to try some I missed - "Kingdom of the Ghouls" is on that list).

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