In HARM's Way for SUPERS Revised Edition


In HARM's Way


When your heroes are asked to make a guest appearance at a shopping mall, you hope that it will be a good way to garner some PR. Of course, no one ever expects a wall to blow out or that the worst aspects of humanity will coming traipsing through it!

In HARM's Way is a short adventure for 2-3 heroes, using SUPERS! Revised Edition. While easily played in a single session, there are plenty of extensions that allow for continuing the action through the campaign.

The adventure includes:

A full adventure played in a single serving or extended to multiple sessions.

Agents of HARM!

3 Fully realized Player Characters – just in case you are looking to take SUPERS! For a test drive.

9 detailed maps.

Grab some friends, hit the food court, and spread word about being a hero... But be prepared to handle injustice should it make an awful entrance!

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