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Rotten DM
Dalamar showing up at Waenreth is story thingy. I changed the outcome of the research to be either locations because there is no story reason to take the second quest since you are given a big clue to where the city of lost names is.

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Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 12

Chapter 5 Egging the Paladin

Day 79 Noon to Day 81 Breakfast

Yurthgreen 24 to Yurthgreen 26

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 179 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:15 End Time 10:43

10 downtime days, 60 GP

Magic Item Potions of Greater Healing * 2

I had a strong group of six. Professor Scribes Wizard 7 Orc. Ililar Order cleric 7 half dwarf half elf. Cross Celestial warlock 3 divine soul sorcerer 4 human with Scarlette imp. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade warlock 4 Assassin 3 Kender. Juniper Honeyberry Drunk Monk 6 twilight cleric 1 kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance Paladin 7 with Yrrin Lion mount.

As the group gets near the Cliffs That Drink, Huck mentions it should be the Vengeance Cliffs which someone has dragged large heavy objects and thrown into the see. As a well-worn forty-foot path is kind of neat and unusual. Being careful they wide down the path. A cave appears and disappears into the fog. As they approach a huge dog appears at the entrance.

Juniper, “DOGGY. Bad Doggy. Doggy should not eat kenders. Kibble. Kibble. Dogs eat kibble. OR meat. So, if Doggy eat meat. And Kender are meat. It means doggy should try more veggies. Veggies good. Veggies smell good. Well except for skunk cabbage which smell bad. Doggy smells bad. Because Doggy is undead. And I can see out of its rib cage.” The Professor reaches into the rib cage to touch spell Polymorph on the kender.

Book, “You idiot. Polymorph is a range spell. But hey you don’t see a giant ape wearing a top hat that is trying to eat the ape.” A few seconds later the undead dire wolf is dead. But Huck climbs the ape and yells, “Gitte up!” The ape charges into the cave and forgets to duck. Both rub their foreheads as a large bruise start to appear. Exploring a shelf in the cave, the kenders come across a broken orb of Dragonkind. Dalmar offers to buy the orb from the party but they refuse. In a huff, he pulls out a folding boat and rows off toward his camp site.

The start toward Camp Carrionclay which is located in the small lake in the Sky Tear’s region. Arriving at dusk, they decide to take a long rest in Leomund’s Tiny Hut. Their cunning plan is to low craw up to 120 feet of the gate. Huck will move and a cause a distraction. The spells Slow and Fireball will be casted on the front part of camp. (And that was that.) Huck turns invisible and skips across the bridge which does draw some attention but is dismissed as the wind. Huck uses a rope to climb up one of the sides of the fort. Getting to the top he uses the guard walk to get the cages. In the cages are Sea elves, bulette, sea elves, a scolded caged kender.

Being distracted by the Bulette, Huck falls off the walk on to the cage and the rolls of the cage and nearly gets smacked by the bulette. He opens the lock on the cage and is trampled by the beast as it charges the center of the camp. The sentries near the headquarters hut are not happy. The fireball sets the tower and some tents on fire. The slow spell slows the front gate guards. Guards first run.

Huck, “The gates guards are SLOWLY RUNNING DM.” Most guards run toward bulette before some turn back after hearing the gate is being attack. Juniper morphs into a giant ape and the Sivak draconians fly to attack her. The bulette burrows away and Huck uses Darkness to take on the headquarter crew. Arthena leaps the gate and takes care of some the gate guards. The Professor Knock opens the gate. And Ililar uses his channel ability and other powers to cause some guards to drop their weapons. Giant Ape Juniper and Arthena clean up the rest. But the warlock has tried to escape by going over the wall but between Shock Metal, Toll the Dead, and other spells, he barely makes out of the water and a hundred feet from shore before he drops dead.

As Huck is freeing the sea elves, Juniper rips the roof of headquarters and finds a cute box. In the cute box is a bronze dragon egg. The group decides to heal up and take stock. Kennah the kender lives near Heart’s Hollow which is two days away near High Hunt. The sea elves under Yearkal wants to go back to the Blue Phoenix Shrine. They decide to leave just after a cold breakfast.

Kennah, “Look a huge fly black lizard!”

Yearkal, “A Black Dragon. Hide.” But Arthena and Ililar are too slow as Akhviri flies over the camp and demands to know what happens. Arthena tries to bluff but Professor crawls out a collapse tent and offers the broken orb of dragonkind for her to go away. Akhviri decides to give an acid reply. Most of the npcs head toward the gate in a panic, while the dragon decides to stay in flight. Huck and Ililar are dropped in the initial breath weapon but are healed by Cross. Most of the heroes start to beat feet toward the exit. Except for Arthena.

DM Notes. Okay we will start with initiative 21 next week. Dragon 22. Arthena 17. Professor 11. Ililar 6. Remember your hit points and don’t delete the picture of the dragon hit points.

End of session 407.


Rotten DM
Combat and planning took up most of the session. I have already warned the player running the Professor about hopping up and getting into other player's scenes. But he opened mouth and inserted foot. And I shoved down passed his tonsils. I think at least two pc deaths are in the works.


Combat and planning took up most of the session. I have already warned the player running the Professor about hopping up and getting into other player's scenes. But he opened mouth and inserted foot. And I shoved down passed his tonsils. I think at least two pc deaths are in the works.

I just want to note that dragon is absolutely 100% handle-able with certain resources available to the group (Unless I'm horribly misremembering, Illilar and The Professor both have a Bag of Holding, so yeeting the dragon to the Astral Sea is at least theoretically on the table).

Unfortunately, Cross wouldn't think to do that because she doesn't know about it.

The Professor would (or should) know it's possible due to his background, but he's too focused on trying to make Arthena (Ha!) give the evil black dragon the bronze dragon egg in a attempt to get the evil black dragon to not kill us (Ha!).

Scarlette (Cross's imp) absolutely knows about it, but has at least 48 more seconds of being scared to go before it's even possible for her to act on it, if indeed she even decides to.

So at least two~three PC deaths (Professor, Arthena, Cross as soon as the dragon gets tired of her healing people back up) sounds about right, barring some really good rolls next session.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 13

Chapter 5 Fetch

Day 81 Breakfast to Day 90

Yurthgreen 26 To Fluergreen 9

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 191 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 4

Start Time 6:04 End Time 10:08

10 downtime days, 1,334 GP, promote to 8th level.

I had a strong group of six. I had a strong group of six. Professor Scribes Wizard 7 Orc. Ililar Order cleric 7 half dwarf half elf. Cross Celestial warlock 3 divine soul sorcerer 4 human with Scarlette imp. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade warlock 4 Assassin 3 Kender. Juniper Honeyberry Drunk Monk 6 twilight cleric 1 kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance Paladin 7 with Yrrin Lion mount.

When we left our brave adventurer, and the rest of the cast. Akhviri the black dragon was circling the campground wanting the bronze dragon egg. Arthena was taking pot shots at her. The npcs and smart pcs were running for border. However, the fates were kind to Arthena as the dragon did not breath acid on her. (ARRGH 4 missed recharges.) Suddenly Scarlette gets a beauty impish idea.

Scarlette, “Professor, empty you bag of holding and give to me. NOW. Boss you do the same. I have an idea. Professor don’t question me. DO IT. JUST DO IT.” The Professor empties his bag, and the imp grabs it and turns invisible. Scarlette turns invisible unnoticed by Akhviri.

Akhviri, “Give me the bronze dragon egg, or die.”

Arthena, “Come down here face to face and take it. Toll the Dead!”

Akhviri, “ Anakin I have the high ground. Um Arthena, I am out of your range. And you suck with that crossbow.” The dragon starts flying more and more over the lake. The imp snatches Cross’s bag. Arthena gets a wild look in her eye. Arthena, “DM how deep is the lake near the fort. 28 feet. Good. Here dragon, dragon. You want the eye. FETCH.” She tosses the egg into the lake. “Here fishy fishy. Nice fresh worm coming to swim.”

Group, “WHAT? YOU toss the egg into the water!?” (Suddenly the smell of smoke comes from the DM’s ears. Suddenly he reads the stat block. Suddenly he smiles.)

The adult black cannon balls into the water and snatches the egg. She swims away from the fort. (Suddenly those who are at the gate and still in combat reverse.) The dragon breaks into the air catching another Toll the Dead.

Professor, “Range is good. Height is good. (Shoot I could have just had it skim the surface.) DM What is the AC and HP of the egg? I shoot the egg.”

Group, “WHAT!” A few rounds later the egg is destroyed by Professor and Ililar. Akhviri flies away plotting revenge. The group takes a short rest and moves out to Kennah’s home. Along the way they are nearly drown due to the wash twice. Once while fighting giant octopi and the second while rescuing the scout Clystran. A human scout from Heart’s Hollow. The group also discovers focus fire from the sea elves helps. Clystran and Kennah are old friends. In fact, Clystran speaks kender fast speech so well he starts translating.

Clystran, “YOU PLAYED FETCH WITH A BRONZE DRAGON EGG?” As soon as he picks his jaw is off the floor, he leads the group to his home. The entrance is hidden by a blind canyon. A huge crater either a meteor, a volcano crater, or just part of the Calamity; hides a small village of over two hundred of mix races. The village has started vertically farming the crater by have planters in the walls. The village circles around the crater going deeper with each circle. The kender are swarmed by other kender and are soon playing soccer with Juniper’s Driftglobe. The others split up and agree to meet in the Salt Lick the biggest tavern in the crater but you have to walk on a web of ropes to get to it. It holds up to twenty people. “Mayor” Ness is in charge of it.

Professor talks with the only mage who has a house an end of town. Which is at the end of pier overlooking a long drop to the bottom. Lavender is an illegal mage who helps the town out with cantrips and his herbalism. Professor and Cross are able to get some supplies from him.

The Odds and Ends market has some additional supplies but not match. With the influx of gold, talk begins of sending the scouts out to the south lands to make a shopping trip.

Arthena and Ililar talk with the “Mayor”. Ililar senses Ness knows of him. Confronting her, she recognizes him from being a half elf half dwarf and before the Cataclysm. Both of them update the mayor about their activities. But they leave things out. The kender come in well past their normal bed times and narc out the group. Ness takes out her walking stick which she does not need and asks Arthena to go for a walk up to the crater wall. They speak of nothing important.

At the top of crater, Ness turns toward Arthena. “YOU PLAYED FETCH WITH A BRONZE DRAGON EGG!”, yells Ness, “THEN LET THOSE IDIOTS SHOOT THE EGG. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.” It takes about thirty seconds before Arthena recovers, “What big teeth you have. UM You are a bronze dragon.” Ness stays in her dragon form and slowly sinks a claw into Arthena’s forehead. “If you or ours find another egg. Contact me.” Arthena feels like a sending spell has been implanted into her. Ness switches back to her human form. “Obey me Paladin. And my your god have mercy on your soul if you fail me. Don’t give me that look. I will chuck you off this crater and it a good long fall to the bottom. It is not the first time a visitor slipped to their doom.” Arthena agrees to the quest.

About one circle above the tavern Arthena body checks Ness but does not get her into to fall. Ness laughs it off. In the morning after a good rest and some handover cure for the Professor, the group makes for the sea elf shrine and arrive safely a few days later. They contact Darrett and clam their reward.

Morning breaks. A nice spring shower is present washing over the shrine. The group has to make a choice. Move on to Black Dragon’s lair. Or make for Giant’s Spine and looks for clues to the lost city.

End of Session 409


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Rotten DM
Ililar Order cleric 7 half dwarf half elf. Was amazed I used their build to bring in the fact that he is a mutant or is going to stand out in a crowd. If you are going to play an unicorn, expect the NPCs to occasionally point this out.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 14

Chapter 5 Kender Balloons

Day 90 Breakfast to Day 96 evening

Fluergreen 9 to Fluergreen 15

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 198 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 5

Start Time 6:20 End Time 10:30

Magic Items Books of Levitation, 10 downtime days.

I had a strong group of five. Professor Scribes Wizard 8 Orc. Cross Celestial warlock 3 divine soul sorcerer 5 human with Scarlette imp. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade warlock 4 Assassin 4 Kender. Juniper Honeyberry Drunk Monk 7 twilight cleric 1 kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance Paladin 8 with Yrrin Lion mount.

“Professor. Professor. Wake up. Shh, follow me outside. The mayor sent me. I am Clystran. The mayor send me to be your guide and make sure your group did not play fetch or skeet with any dragon eggs. She also told me what the other kender,” said Clystran the human scout.

“The mayor has ticked off mom. And you taking the word of beings who are only as smart as a child.”, replied Professor. Hearing his cousins name Huck wakes up, “I am smarter than the average child. Well, I could be. I mean I as not as wise as a child. I could be. HEY WAKE UP EVERY ONE It is Scorpion man.”

Clystran repeats his mission and Arthena is not happy to have a nursemaid but he will allow the group to move faster in the wastes. And the mayor will be sending waste scouts to help out the army. It is four days to Bluemaw Cave. On the first day they come across a tower. After killing the clay protector, they pump most of their spell slots into to activate it. The teleportation circle activates and leads to Heart’s Hollow. Arthena is mumbling under her breath, as Professor retrieves the Kender from their teleporting game. The next three days go by with no problem.

On the fourth day, they spy the black dragon resting just outside its lair. They low crawl to two hundred feet and attack. The dragon charges. Strangely. Arthena wonders why is not flying. The Professor wonders why is breathing fire on him. Huck wonders why is it leaving wheel tracks.

Huck, “Hey guys. Do you know black dragons have two gnome thinkers in them?”. Arthena grabs the gnomes from the mech. “explain. Than and Jeyev!”

Than, “Gnome tinker contact. Fake Black Female Love Dragon contract. Please sign Quality Assurance form under ‘Fools adventurers.” Please sign under Adventurers don’t get paid. Please sign.” The Professor grabs both of them from Arthena and banishes Than.

Jeyev, “Please read contract line. Adventurers will not use evil spells against contractors. Please note both Kenders have enter the Fake Black dragon.” She shakes herself loose as the Professor looks up.”

Huck, “What does the blue lever do?” Flames shoot out of its mouth on to Professor.

Juniper, “What does the red lever do?” Flames shoot out of its mouth on to Professor. Professor tries to dash around to rear hatch.

Juniper, “PULLING YELLOW LEVER.” A warm jet of water splashes over the Professor putting out the small flames licking his robes.

Jeyev, “Note. Add yellow dye to cooling water.”

Dwarf laughter can be heard from the cave. Grasha Migan introduces herself to Arthena. She ignores Arthena accidently breaking some the tinker’s supplies. After the dragon runs out of steam, the group talks to dwarves. The clan has been looking allies. It does appear only the scout from Heart’s Hollow will accept the invite. The next morning the group moves out. Juniper floats above the group while Huck pulls her along as a balloon. She had found a used pair of books of Levitation.

Two days later they are ambush by a Red Dragon Army while the sky is heavy over casted. As they take down the last of Kiviak Dragoncians. “Remember me?” askes Akhviri as she splashes the scout, Professor and Cross with acid. She starts to fly out of range. Spells, potions, and range weapons return fire.

Huck grabs his end of the robe which he dropped and ties it around himself. “Ups. Ups. Ups. Juniper.” Juniper activates the boots and takes a swing at the dragon. A flying demon slows the dragon.

Akhviri is slightly worried. Last time no demons. She snatches the rope with a rear claw and starts dragging the kender pair through the air. Arthena hits with Abjure Enemy which slows the dragon for a long time. Akhviri claws for range both up in the air and distance on the ground. Using her tail attacks, she nearly kills Juniper. She then plays paddle ball with kender taking bites out them. The Professor casts fly on Yrrin. The Lion charges but does not pounce on the dragon.

Group, “No fair. Mean DM.”

Akhviri, “DIE KITTY. Hey did the paladin just lick my scales?” As Arthena mounts disappears, she falls on to the dragon and is bucked off. “BATTER, batter, Swing. Paladin grounds out to third base, just out of distance of any healing spells. Nice face plant. The coyote gives a 8. The Russian judge a 3.” She climbs for air and leaves. “Next time you see me. I will have two new stud earrings. Kender heads!”

(Player oops Abjure Enemy last for a minute or until the enemy takes damage.)

The Professor shoves a potion down Arthena throat. She slaps him and climbs over him and slowly rises to her feet and starts chasing the dragon. She starts following the blood trail but loses it. The scout gets them back to Heart’s Hollow some time before midnight.

DM’s Notes. Clystran is promoted to Attacker Sidekick. Lots of side cases during the combat. Like would steady aim work if you are kender balloon being swung around in the air. What is the chance after being shot out of the air would someone be able to land on a dragon. (Dex save DC is the Dragon’s AC.) I am still giggling about the kender balloons. I waved the travel time to Heart’s hallow so for story reasons they can pick up two new adventurers. Also, I only burn one legendary resistance during the combat.

And I found my chocolate. It was in the floor board.

End of session 411


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 15

Chapter 5 Lost City Landing

Day 96 evening to Day 99 Noon

Fluergreen 15 to Fluergreen 18

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 212 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 5

Start Time 7:35 End Time 10:18

Advance to Level 9. 10 Downtime days. 1,000 GP.

I had a strong group of 6. Paksenarrion “Paks” Sheepsbane Eldritch Knight 7 Cleric 2 Human. Arthena Oath of vengeance paladin 9 Silvanesti Elf. Professor Scribe wizard orc. Ililar Shivrotsk Order Cleric Half Dwarf Half Elf. Grif Sheepsbane Swarmkeeper Ranger 5 Phantom Rogue 4 Human. Cross Celestial Warlock 3 Divine Soul Sorcerer 6 Human.

Tired and heartbroken the sad adventurers catch up with the army. The hit the sack and the Cross reports to Darrett in the morning. Leaving things out he report the lost of two kenders and the two vicious black dragon attacks. He is told to wait outside while Commander Darrett tries to get some replacements.

Commander Darrett, “Paksenarrion “Paks” Sheepsbane. Medical and Support group. Current rank private. Squire to Sir Kelly “Belly” Tree grove. Sit.”

Paks, “Sir yes Sir. Um I mean Sir Knight. Um.”

Darrett, “Be calm. You have some how ghosted and not came to my attention at all. But you are in the replacement. And I hear your brother tags along with you. So. Lt Professor. Arthena. Come in. Professor this your new private. Don’t lose this one. Arthena as courtesy to Sir Kelly will take over the squire’s training while she is with you. Private Paksenarrion you are under a split command. Professor gives military orders. Arthena will give you training. Don’t step on your belt tip. Dismiss. Go see how she will fit into your squad, group. Just. DISMISS.”

Paks is kind of shy and does not want to get into a fighting arena. She wants to train in the wastes. After being turned into a great ape, it is revealed she can cast wizard spells which started recently. Her brother Grif is excellent with a crossbow. After a morning training session, and shopping session and a long night of sleep, the move out.

Travel with Clystran makes the dull landscape go by fast. Coming out a small canyon, the spy the lost city. It takes them four minutes to see the Red Dragon Army is already here in force. They contact Darrett and are told to hold till the Vogler army moves up. The next morning, they are given their assignment. Take the Dragonnel Airfield. Scouts have found a narrow passageway so they can flank the air force. The attack goes mostly well. Except for the Professor taking the most hits. And Cross getting four crossbolts in his buttocks from random unfriendly or was friendly fire. The next morning the military members are told to report to the commander.

Commander Darrett, “I told you to take the air field not burning it down. I.”

Professor, “It is taken. You did not order to be taken intact. I.” Darrett has started getting an eye twitch after dealing with this group. The twitch is getting worse. Darrett, “You are demoted to private. Lt Ililar take your squad and buddies. The scouts did find a second passage underneath the burned-out hanger. It leans into the Lost City. Do not destroy the lost city. Do not let the city be destroyed. Do not burn the lost city. Do not let any one cast fireballs which will burn the city. Sneak quietly into the city. Discover what is there. Discover why the Red Dragon Army is there if possible. You will go in a half hour after the battle with the reds is joined. Have fun being in charge. Dismissed.”

The passageway into the city is very narrow anywhere from eight to eighteen feet wide and only ten feet high at the best. It appears most of the city has been buried. A flooded passageway leads to a tavern which eats familiars. Taking the other route leads to hat shop which someone has buried a stone golem underneath a pile of hats. A wall of force is casted by Pvt Professor and ten minutes of sacred flames destroy the golem. One room off the hat shop leads to a winery where Ililar recovers eight bottles of 300-year-old wine, which quickly go into the bag of holding. The other hallway leads to dead skeleton dragons which are ground to dust in two no more. (DM called the fight after two undead were put down due to everyone just getting bad at math.)

We will pick up at M5 when we return.

DM Notes. The robes are confused by how come the infantry can cast spells. Stay in your lane dudes.

End of Session 417

We had a cook out at my place. And the session was more relaxing than gaming.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 16

Chapter 6 History Test

Day 99 Noon to Day 101 Breakfast

Fluergreen 18 to Fluergreen 21

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 224 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 5:50 End Time 9:10

Story Award You in the Army Now. You have stolen red army engineer uniforms. You have enough to make reasonable uniforms.

Story Award the One that Got Away. A Sivak Dragoncian got away. Parts of the city are on high alert.

Magic Items Ring of Feather Fall, Arcane Gate Scroll. Ritual Book on Divination and Phantom Steed.

I had an average group of four. Grif Sheepsbane Swarmkeeper Ranger Phantom Rogue 4 Human. Paksenarrion Eldritch Knight 9 Human. Ed tiny Sheep Familiar. Ililar Shivrotsk Cleric of Order 9 half dwarf half elf. Arthena Oath of Vengeance Paladin 9 Silvanesti Elf Yrrin Lion Mount.

The group moves forward into the nearly sunk tavern. A Green Toad is on the stage waiting finally for an audience after 300 years. When Grif starts heckling the act, the toad throws fire on to the oily water and Paks burns. Toad does give out a wizard occasionally visits the green room.

In the green room, the dragon skull questions the group. “Wrong Answer,” and the death dragon attacks. And is put down before the end of the second round. Leaving the green room, they take a short rest and two hours of searching the wizard’s lab.

Arthena, “You know. Why is the place so clean. It not dusty. There are coffee stains fresh on mantle. There is.”

Demelin, “Welcome class. The pretest for the robes begins. Defeat this monster.” She tosses an air elemental gem at the party which activates. “Good use of allies. Paks, you did not cast one spell. And the lion is shedding into the potion base. Clear up the mess. Reshelve the books. And meet me for coffee in a half hour. You can keep the history book. I was there and the scrolls keep those, you will need them.”

Between the history book and Demelin, the group learns the following. During a conflict called the Third Dragon War, many generations before the Cataclysm, the hero Huma Dragonbane defeated Takhisis and prevented her conquest of Krynn. When the Dragon Queen left the world, her wicked dragon servants went with her. To maintain the balance between good and evil, most of Krynn’s metallic dragons agreed among themselves to retreat to hidden reaches of the world.

Centuries passed. In that time, the last kingpriest rose to power in the land of Istar. This religious leader dreamed of an earthly paradise—a pleasure city to reward those he deemed righteous. The kingpriest and his servants created a great flying island. He named this aerial city Onyari, the City Without Sin, claiming it would be a place where he and his worthiest (and wealthiest) subjects might cast off mortal weakness and live like the gods.

But the kingpriest and his servants were loath to reveal how they created their paradise. The city was constructed on an ancient sacred site where, for millennia, dragons of Krynn had gone to die. The kingpriest harnessed the magical resonance of the dragons buried there, lifting the city into the sky.

When the metallic dragons remaining on Krynn learned the kingpriest had desecrated the resting place of their dead, they were furious. Though some dragons urged a more moderate path, the gold dragon Karavarix refused to hold back. He led a contingent of metallic dragons to the soaring city, intent on forcing it to land. The god Paladine tasked the Knight of Solamnia Zanas Sarlamir with peaceably ending the conflict between the dragons and the kingpriest. However, Sarlamir’s quest was a dismal failure, ultimately resulting in the knight attacking and killing Karavarix. The resulting battle between the dragons and Onyari’s people ended in Sarlamir’s death and the city’s ruin. The flying city fell apart across the Northern Wastes, its bulk ultimately crashing in the hidden depression where it lies now.

Not willing to acknowledge his failure, the kingpriest suppressed all records of Onyari, and those who knew of the failed marvel refused to speak its name. In the wake of the Cataclysm, those few who remember Onyari at all know it only as the City of Lost Names.

Demelin survived by great luck. Simply luck. The Red Dragon Army has moved in to the abandon mansion. Lord Soth has taken over the bastion of Takhisis. The Threshold of Heavens was the city flight bridge. But Demelin has never been in it even when the city was in flight. The Dragonlance which Knight Sarlamir has appeared in the Temple of Paladine. It is cursed. T

The group breaks for dinner, fresh crab and steak from Kalaman which Demelin gets by teleporting to market occasionally. The plan. Sneak down the rough stairs Demelin has carved. Circle counter wise toward Paladine’s temple. Eliminate all draconians encountered on the way. The plan starts off well as with the noise and activity the group manages to avoid most patrols.

Suddenly Grif’s eyes are covered. “Made You look. Look at me no brains.” A kender has ambushed the group. Keebler Kender, “Help me get brains, eat brains, of the Sivak and Kapak draconians. I give you my precious ring of feather falling.” The group agrees. After the ambush succeeds Keebler Kender, “You know, I have a great idea brain cookies. See you later dudes.”

As the group approaches the bridge it is guarded by six Sivak. They could go around but if they fight, some could see. Paks, “We passed an engineer work group about three blocks ago. How about we ambush them Boss. Um Knight. Um Leader.”

Arthena, “Arthena will do for now squire. Good idea.” Using pass without a trace and finally most of the group rolling higher than the monsters, the group gets surprise on the work group. (This is only time where the players had two initiatives above 12 all night. Most of time they were 10 or lower.” Within 12 seconds the guards and officer are most dead. Except for one Sivak who wisely escaped. They make the engineers strip out their clothing, and shove it into a bag of holding.

While question Bob Builder he reveals a black-robed wizard named Lohezet and the cleric of Takhisis named Belephaion lead the forces in the city. They spend their time in the Threshold of the Heavens. But you need a code word. The group sneaks away. Being in uniform and having the lion slung over two poles, they are able to bluff the Sivak as lion will be on the menu. As soon as they turn the corner, Arthena releases her mount.

The group makes there way pass a recently dead brass dragon and holds up to morning in a mostly destroyed house.

DM Note. Review when bonus actions can interrupt your second attack. We pick up at page 149 in a rubble house near the temple.

End of Session 420.


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Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 17

Chapter 6 Console the Dragon

Day 101 Breakfast to Day 101 Dusk

Fluergreen 21 Only

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 235 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 11

Start Time 6:01 End Time 10:36

Promote to Level 10. Take 10 Downtime days. 2,500 GP plus what you collected.

Magic Items. Dragonlance in Pike or Lance. One each. Spell Scroll of Gentle Repose * 2. Periapt of Proof Against Poison. Bag of Holding with Tiamat cross stitch on the outside. Ioun Stone of Insight.

I had a strong group of five Grif Sheepsbane Swarmkeeper 5 Phantom Rogue 4 Human. Ililar Shivrotsk Order Cleric of 9 Dwarf-elf. Arthena Order of Vengeance Paladin 8 Silvanesti Elf with Yrrin Lion mount. Paks Sheepsbane Eldritch Knight 9 Human Squire to Arthena. Professor Scribe Wizard 9 Orc.

The temple of Paladine appears to floating in water. A moat of land nearly encircles it and a small bridge cross the second canal of water. The group waits as a patrol passes by. The patrol is looking for imposters in army uniform with a huge tuxedo cat. Crossing the bridge Ililar is slightly upset as the bridge is really a fallen statue to Paladine.

Paks, “Nice trees. Such nice purple leaves. And strange fruit. Um. Dragon Army…” A tree limb grabs her by the throat. “Bad trees. Chocking trees. Help,” she whispers. A treant has lifted her to eye level, “More fertilizer for my garden. Any last words before I break your neck bones?”

Paks, “Me. Good. Paladin. Um Paladine friend. Um. Ililar. Help.” Ililar flashes his holy symbol. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Duskwalker head gardener to Onyari. This decade I am trying to sprue up the lands around the temple. These poor saps though they could take my wood for fires. Friends of Paladine are allow to pass freely. Mind the water it is only three feet deep, but it is still muddy. Oh, on your next visit can you pick me up a small bag of top soil. Say 150 metric tons?”

The group sighs as Paks is dropped to the ground. The temple is only sixty feet away but it is surrounded by water. The left side has collapse in rubble with only the top parts of that wall still being held together by sheer luck. A two-foot strip of land about six inches above the water protects the front side.

Arthena, “Yrrin doesn’t want to get his feet wet. And…” The Professor cast wall of force across the water to the front door. Paks brings up back as she was mentioning sea sickness. As she gets halfway across a water elemental attacks her. Professor knocks the doors, “Quick get inside it will be dry and we….”

Arthena, “And we will still get our feet wet. In fact, the only thing that is above water is the altar. Which has a BRAND NEW DRAGONLANCE. CHARGE!” Her Lion looks at her and leaps into the middle of chapel splashing water everywhere. A larger elemental rises from the water to stop her. The Sheepsbane family fight the small elemental while the leaders fight the larger. The battle gets wet and wild.

Grif, “Hey we can have wet t-shirt contest. In fact, we already have a wet.” The table looks at Grif. “Um I mean sharpshooter on the small one.”

Professor, “I will get it. Misty step. A drill I son rush. I grab the lance.”

DM, “Give me a moment.” Checks the notes. Punches in a name to Beyond. “Your hand passes through the lance. Remember in Chapter 4 Arthena took the stub of lance?” Mumble “Give, “please put these things in your notes too.”

Both elementals fall and Paks zig zags pass Arthena. Arthena tells Yrrin pounces toward the lance and disappears.

DM CHACKLES. “Right into a pit. HA. HA. HA.”

As the lion dog paddles up to the surface, Arthena gasps for air. “GUESS WHO?” Her eyes are covered by two bandage wrapped hands; she looks over her shoulder to a mummy who is riding side saddle behind her. Three other mummies arise from the water. “No Hitchhikers Allowed. Misty Step!” A faint splash is heard as the mummy belly flops into the water. The mummies move toward her as she pulls the stub of Sarlamir’s lance from her saddle bags and lays on the altar. The lance rises. Centuries of rust fall off. The lance glows and reforms into a new dragon lance.” The mummies salute and are dust into the wind.

“Welcome champions. The Last dude was unworthy. His failure was a step along the path to this world’s destruction. But this is a new age. And needs a new hope. Use these weapons to defend the destiny mortals have chosen. Defeat the SHADOW OF THE DRAGON QUEEN with the light of these most sacred weapons. With the blessing of the gods, reclaim the dragon lances. In mount and unmounted skins.” The group each take a lance. They spend the next two hours exploring the chapel and attuning the weapon. The consider their next move.

Around noon they move out toward the Threshold of the Heavens. As they get six blocks from the Threshold, the fargab breaks the silence. “Attention all units. Attention all units. Retreat. Retreat. Retreat. Fall back to checkpoint bravo. Break. Break. Break. George is the professor in charge of the mixed unit. Then who. Attention Lt. Ililar Attention Arthena. New orders. New orders. Attack and kill Lord Soth at the temple of Takhisis. Repeat. Attack and kill Lord Soth at the temple of Takhisis. Do not attack the threshold of heavens. HQ out.”

The group debate the orders and decide to follow them. As they get six blocks from the temple, Lord Soth appears from the back flying a nightmare well out of bow and spell range. The nightmare flies toward the threshold and Lord Soth descents toward it. The group debates over attack the temple and ambushing Lord Soth when he returns, or assassinate him at the Threshold. They choose assassinate him. Grif gripes about back tracking.

As they get six blocks from the Threshold, Professor, “We have one large problem. That big cat. The patrols are looking for the lion.”

Arthena, “No problem we slay any who get before us.”

Paks, “Um boss. Lord Soth will be guarded with lots of people um draconians. Any alerts and he will escape. And for fracking sake. YOU ARE RIDING A HUGE FREAKY LION IN DOWNTOWN ENEMY HIDE OUT. YOU Think the enemies are not going to start noticing. YOU THINK THE DICE ARE not going to notice. You think the DM is not going to plan on that. OOPS. Sorry I don’t know what came over me. Let the Professor polymorph your mount into a regular looking war horse.”

Arthena, “But I just cut racing stripes in his fur. Oh, very well.”

Arriving at the location, a small problem exists. The Threshold is floating about two hundred feet above ground level. Some floating step stones could be used as steps but they have to get pass the guards. Four Sivak are flying CAP around the base of the tower, and a small patrol are watching the steps. The Professor bluffs his way pass. The guards start laughing at the group as they try to hop scotch up to the tower. In the end both the horse and Grif are pulled up with ropes.

The group enters the ground floor and go directly to the second floor. The Professor is nearly zapped by a loose electrical field but uses his rob of absorption to counter it. In the next room huge capacitors spark, next to the inside wall is a console which only Grif is not interested.

Paks, “Hey I going to say yes attack target large number six.” She presses a button. A gnome death cricket attacks Arthena. It takes a few rounds to defeated and some spells. They climb up to next level to find the first room is a map room. Only problem is the map is from before the fall. Entering the next room, the console sparks which activates four flameskulls which only get off one fireball before being destroyed. Paks has be wondering why the sound is muted in each room but does not mention it to others.

Enter the next room Paks trips over the Professor’s big foot, which pulls the two aurak draconians out their study of a hologram map. The group attacks and one of their opponents disappears. While nearly getting the upper hand, the second flees upstairs. The Professor runs behind him and magic missile him to death.

Lohezet, “Welcome Probie. I see you are still wearing your Probate Red Robes. I can change that. Come to the black robe society we have cookies.” He has heard the combat below. “You could do me a solid and take out the dragon in the camber above.” He tries to rack some platinum into a bag of holding but misses. He continues to shove his manuals into the sack. “Now that was not nice. Counter spelling my dimension. Go talk with the dragon. Believe me it will be interesting.”

Paks has moved up the stair well. “Dude. Make a hole. Are you okay? I can’t see the villain. Move your freaking ass. Hey you are bleeding. Cure wounds on his buttocks DM.” As this distracts the orc, the black robe dimension doors out of the tower.

The rest of group enters the scrying room. Four consoles are flashing various colors. A huge hologram of the current city floats in the center of the room. They stay near the stairwell from level three and can hear the professor talking with someone. He blocks the stair well.

Belephaion in his young blue dragon form, “welcome. I hope you took care the black robes. My companions will go down stairs to check it out.” Two bozak move pass the Professor and he slightly shifts out the way. The dragon shifts into human form. Belephaion, “I am afraid you and your goody good friends are kind of late.” He dusts off the only chair in the room and sits. “Welcome to this fully functional flying city!”

Arthena slams her lance into one of the consoles. Sparks fly. Paks starts to vomit. The tower shakes and shifts ten degrees to the left. It shifts back to the upright. Belephaion “Stop them your fools.” The two bozak attack the downstairs group. The Aurak draconian starts opening a window.

The Professor chats with the dragon as the group destroy some of the consoles and the minions. The Aurak jumps out the window. The dragon tosses a heavy bag of holding into the Professor’s chest knocking him down. As he tries to regain his feet he is smash to the floor as the lion and knight charge into the room. Belephaion flips her the bird. She rushes to the chair.

Arthena, “I can attune this.” Consoles flash more sparks as Grif keeps attacking one. “Attunement will take three hours thirty minutes and three seconds. Please sit steady and be comfortable.”

Arthena, “I SAID I CAN ATTUNE THIS.” Consoles flash even before Grif can attack again. “Attunement will take three hours twenty-nine minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Please sit steady and be comfortable.” A quick argument between the Professor and Arthena goes down.

Professor, “I can attune this!” “Attunement will take three hours twenty-eight minutes and five seconds. Please sit steady and be comfortable. Warning destruction sequence activated. You have eighteen seconds to get clear.”

Professor, “What?” “Attunement will take three hours twenty-eight minutes and four seconds. Please sit steady and be comfortable. Warning destruction sequence activated. You have seventeen seconds to get clear.”

The group dash for the window but the Professor and Paks don’t make it. “Dimension Door to the street DM.” Paks vomits on his shoes and looks up. She raises his chin. They are underneath the tower. The shadow of the tower grows darker and wider. Professor, “RUN AWAY!”

One big crash later which the production does not have the budget for the dust settles over the sea. Paks, “Why is there a strange eerie hum?” The city rises a hundred feet into the air and breaks apart.

As the red sunset descents into darkness, the temple of Takhisis floats toward the south.

End of session 423.


Rotten DM
With most of the magic item duplicating the poor dragons in upcoming encounters are going have it rough. Plus I can't believe some of the actions the players took.

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