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Ken Spencer

We are proud to announce the launch of our first kickstarter project, Imperial Jupiter!

Jupiter, largest planet in the Solar System, has finally been detailed for the Rocket Age RPG. AS a setting book, Imperial Jupiteroffers the detail, iconic NPCs, and story hooks you would expect from a Rocket Age product.

Explore the sky islands of Jupiter, brave the terrors of the Great Red Spot, and descend into the fiery heart of the planet where the temperature and pressure can crush a rocket ship like a tin can. The Jovians are given some love throughout this chapter and the rest of the book, as is right since Jupiter is their planet. Or is it? Alien species are coming to Jupiter in small numbers, but once there they tend to stay. The Jovians have only recently emerged from hiding in the depths of the planet's atmosphere only to discover that they are not alone.

When you're done return to the Anglo-American Air Docks to rest and refit, or find all new types of trouble in the hanging warrens of Down Below or the politically charged halls of diplomats and businesses. The Docks are the central hub for games set in the Jovian System, a place to seek adventure as much to find it. Tell Rainsong we said, "hi".

Imperial Jupiter is more than just a single planet, the major moons offer danger and adventure, wealth and death in equal amounts.

Io is a post-apocalyptic wasteland of marauding mutants and dangerous monsters. Explorers come here to loot the ruins of Io from before the Europans blasted the moon, and hope they do not fall prey to the toxic environment or the deadly creatures that inhabit it, not to mention the Ioites themselves. Some of the greatest dangers on the moon are weapons left over from the war that ended Io's rise to challenge Europa for supremacy.

Ganymede is a cool forested moon where all life is plant or fungus based. There is a war growing on Ganymede as the natives battle Earthlings and others who have come to exploit rich timber and mineral resources. Not only do we detail the moon, but also we give information about the native Ganymedians. Watch out for the thorn-elk.

Europa is off limits to all other species, but in lieu of visiting that planet Imperial Jupiter reveals the secrets behind the Europans. Their origins, their government, technology, and even their fie separate sexes are detailed. Questions long asked, such as what the Europans are up to, why they are so odd, and what planet will they disintegrate first are answered.

New equipment and character traits provide something for everyone. There are new toys for Europans, Jovians, and Ganymedians to play with, and examples of the cutting edge of Earthling technology. Included in the latter are the deadly Volksuntertasse II of the Nazi rocket force.

The life of Jupiter is bizarre and does not fit into the categories Earthlings have founded their science on. Then again, the walking and talking plants of Ganymede turn standard theories of biology and evolution on their ears. It might be best that we don't even talk about the strange and terrible mutant beasts that haunt the wastelands of that moon. Of course we discuss all of these and more, each creature offered with stats, story hooks, and stunning artwork by ReOnna Smith.

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