Miniatures [Kickstarter] Reaper Bones 4 over in ~1 day


Sorry if there is already a thread for this; did a quick search and didn't find one...First off, a disclaimer: I am a backer; as such it is to my benefit to have this kickstarter have as many backers and by extension as much money as possible. Now that that’s out of the way, I make my case…

The Reaper Bones 4 campaign, running through Saturday, September 2, 1900 EDT, has IMO the most diverse and cool set of models of any thus far (which is saying something!). Reaper continues to push into new territory and deliver remarkable bang for the $$. Some highlights that may be of particular interest to this crowd include:

Paint sets – two different versions of 12 colors each; works out to $1.50/color (>50% of retail). Use the to repaint your PPM or take your first steps down the slippery slope of miniature painting

Core Set – Currently 145 models for $100 including large+ monsters (<0.70/fig) ; recently broken up by theme in case you want to pick and choose

Themed Sets - $50 each, ~40+ minis. Currently: Chronoscope (SciFi/Modern/Weirdness/structures), Dreadmire (Eastern Europe aesthetics Swamp people & Monsters, boat & Weird stuff), Darkreach (Underdark, Fungoids, Dark Elves, Monsters, strange gnomes), Lost Valley (“Land of the Lost” Dinos, megafauna, cavemen, Lodge, primitive elves, saurian, stone giants)

Add-ons – varies – highlights included Baba Yaga’s hut, scenic, dungeon-like tiles, Giants, Demon Lords, Monsters (including a huge Roc/Phoenix/Thunderbird)

Really worth at least a quick look before it's over!


I have already painted a ton of these models in pewter so I passed on this.

However, I think it is super impressive that we have had two essentially back-to-back gaming kickstarters go over 3 million. Dwarven Forge: Dungeon of Doom and Reaper: Bones IV.

That's pretty cool.