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a little girl moves up to the boards getting a little help from a guy ten times her size, he post it for her as she moves away.
note is written in crappy hard to read little little kid writing
Whent to find mommy an daddy

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Venctress stumbles and trips, her hand reaching out to grab support from something. Her fingers find the cork board and she smacks against it, bringing down a rainfall of papers as she lands on the ground anyways. she picks one up to put back but the familiar sloppy handwriting catches her eyes. After several moments of deciphering what it says she gasps and bangs her head against the wall, murmuring mostly to herself, "No! she's only two! why's she going?" She stands and tosses the paper back down to the ground before dashing off to find someone to help, forgetting about the mess of papers that she probably should have tacked back up..


First Post
A guy comes up to the board and starts to pick the notes tacking them back on the board and stops at the familar sloppy handwriting, his eyes go wide "no...god no" he pins up his own note
Anyone, please I need some help looking for a young girl around the age 2 she looks like She has short mess black hair that goes to her chin. Has big yet narrow little kid eyes, the irsis's are deep blue, and gray pupils. Her skin is a light tan. She Runs around wearing a little blue dress that goes to her knees and yes its long sleeve. She wears long white socks that go to her knees as well. With little black slip on shoes. She can be seen carrying around an white with purple dotted eye and wearing a blue cloak. Her name is Sakura please, someone I'll pay money, lots of money, name your price but I must find my sister
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