D&D 5E New Character Sheets are out, anyone seen what they look like?


I have not been able to locate a sample or pic....thanks.

Correction, I think they are out at premier stores.
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LOL, yeah I dont plan to buy them either, just curious what they look like since I am always looking for the "perfect sheet" (at least for me).


i picked these up earlier today. I will try to upload some pics later. I haven't posted pics before so I will give it a try. This is a test pic.


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I'll be curious if there are any changes. I expect they'll look a lot like the regular ones on the website.
It's not really a product that *needs* to exist when printers are in every home and print shops are so common. But I hope it comes in a sweet folio at least. Or is full colour and thus not something you can just bang out at home.

Personally, I made my own and am quite happy with that design. So I likely won't buy them. Unless the packaging is really, really slick.

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