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La Cirque de la lune tombe commence (the cirus of the fallen moon begins)
4E campaign players must be ok to begin as cirus folk

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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Is anyone actually maintaining this list any more? The original poster hasn't been active in months.
In my humble opinion, even if this list wasn't active, it seems like it has regardless been a useful way of recruiting players for games. That is, I think people do go to the last page of this thread to see what the latest recruiting games are.

Regardless, I think the original post is up-to-date now. If there are problems with it, I'm sure people won't hesitate to post saying so. :)

moritheil's game wasn't added, because it looks like he's no longer recruiting (when I looked over the thread, I got that impression anyways), and arcanaman's game wasn't added because a link wasn't provided (and I'm not going to go looking through the sub-forum to find it).

Dire Lemming

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I've been wanting to play in a game that doesn't separate roleplaying from combat. I don't have a problem with combat in general, just when you start spending large amounts of time running around killing things and the only roleplaying is shouting battlecries, expressions of interest in the loot you've just acquired, and witty one liners. Any games like that looking for players? I'm looking to play a monk.

Also; Equivalent Exchange has been dead for over a year.:(
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I am seeking a 4E game, prefer Heroic tier, FR.

I have run 4E in the past and am gearing up my own tabletop campaign in the coming weeks but would like some more personal experience in play. I fly a desk every day so access isn't a problem.

Pretty much anything else I'm open to. Just shoot me a PM to discuss.

Thank you!

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